• Kate K

    Waah, how come none from this region has blessed the LORD for blessing us with coal. Please let us wake up from sleep and praise God because of remembering us like Turkana.
    Surelly its God’s wonders who could imagine of the blessings in the region to this unknown region but now in lime light.
    God bless God bless

  • Never Give Up

    How much do they pay you? The leaders above are the true leaders this country needs..you havent said anything about KQ, Missing Billions,Skewed Elections, Land Grabbing,Rampant murder..nowadays when the opposing side speaks NI KELELE??so they should all be quiet?Your cheap article stinks of jubilee propaganda.Shame!

  • Chai Mbili

    This article is talking about the opposition. Sadly Kenyan’s views are skewed ‘kwa mtu wangu.’ It is true the former VP cannot be trusted to be politically loyal. Former PM is a perpetual whiner, Ms. Karua well, bad news is better than no news. Yes there is corruption in government ever since independence and stopping it takes time, not a fortnight. I would be happy to know what the individuals in this article did about it while in government.

  • The motive of the author is to attract some powers…

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