The Prenup

(THITU KARIBA) Prenup is short for prenuptial agreement. This being an agreement that must be reached before the wedding in preparation for the divorce. Many people may not agree with me but that it is. Many even say that it’s the same as taking medical insurance, as chances are you may get ill or end up in an accident that will require it.  I used to say that the chances of you getting sick are quite high.  I mean, for many who do not get or live in the reality that Jesus died so you may never be ill, sickness is pretty much guaranteed. To compare that with divorce is downright disgraceful. Unfortunately, the chances of divorce, even in the church today, are at an all time high. By preparing for divorce even before marriage, are you not saying that your marriage has no chance or that you don’t plan to stick around till death do you part? What is a prenup really saying about your future marriage?

When we look at celebrities today, we find that to have a couple stay married more than five years is phenomenal. All celebrities are advised to have a prenup and I am sure that upon the thought of divorce, what makes it easier to go into a court and end a marriage is that you have a prenup. I mean, some prenups even consider if you have had children and how many, that way you get paid off for every child, and even every year you have endured in the marriage. I say endured because one should never have to feel or look like there are being paid to be with you or mother children. Others may call it compensation or upkeep, but if the marriage was that bad, isn’t being rid and free from them compensation enough?

The thing about a prenup is that if you get divorced, and you are rich, you get to keep everything you came into the marriage with. So if you came in with billions and made three times more while being married, your spouse does not get more that they came into the marriage with or something of that nature. Basically, prenaps are all about making sure that when you get divorced the other person will not take your fortune.  Others claim that signing a prenup is a means of showing that you are marrying for love and not money. Should you not have discovered that during the dating stage?  Should you not have taken all the time in the world to ensure that it is love and not money that’s gluing you together?

Lastly, is a prenup meant so secure the marriage or the money?  Doesn’t it make it easier to walk away from a marriage know that you have a safety net?  If you go into marriage prepared for divorce, what is to keep you married? Should we not all be looking into ways to make sure that we do not divorce, that our marriage works out? Is it not easier to fix something than to tear it apart? Should we not honor the covenant of marriage as much as the prenup? Is the marriage not a legal matter too? I would like to see a couple go to court not to get divorced and sign a prenup but to fight to stay married, to ensure that the vows are kept. I should not take you to court to divorce you for not being a good cook, but to get a court order to make you take cooking lessons so that the marriage can work.

If you were faced with a prenuptial agreement would you sign it? Why?


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