• plasmodium falciparum

    True to form and typical of Kenyans; we want to thoroughly evaluate the problem only when the horse has bolted from the barn. For us, we are incapable of reading or noticing symptoms and warning signs. Never pro active always reactive. Let KQ die its dinosaur death

  • Never Give Up

    Some powerful people have plundered and destroyed this airline.In international ticketing agents will give you the cheapest ticket avaialable whether you are connecting the flight or travelling directly.To Africa and generally several destinations they prefer Emirates,Fly Dubai or even the more expensive Qatar Airways…its triple to fly by Kenya Airways to Accra.Emirates charges half the price.The KQ management are a bunch or losers who live out of the touch with reality on the ground.They have already lost almost ALL ROUTES when it comes to competing with other airlines.The government may bail them out with 20 Billion but they have to GIVE REALISTIC PRICES..passengers want to save every little penny.sack the whole team get people WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING in there.

  • sisemikitu

    Do not simplify the issue!

    Just look at sales, margins, turnovers and capex. When was mawingu project conceived, who were the architects and what did it entail?

  • KamiraNdigithu

    When you take the free market out of the equation and insert in it’s place a bureaucracy to run an airline, you end up with the mess the airline is in. The ‘too big to fail’ theory is a farce, it was a farce in Washington DC when nearly a trillion dollars was stolen from the American public in 2008 and handed over to well connected banks and other key players in industry..those companies are no better off than they were before..they will collapse eventually because the problem was not addressed..just duct taped. The solution to KAQ is to sell it to entrepreneurs and get the government out of running it. How many companies can you name that are government run are having a positive cash flow in Kenya? or anywhere else for that matter? Private enterprise is the only place where the customer is served to the best or else they walk. Government run monopolies are managed by bureaucrats that don’t get paid for doing a better job each year, they just draw a paycheck whether the company wins or looses. Sell the assets to someone that will go in and streamline the place in pursuit of a profit and get the government of the business…The US has no national carrier, they are all public or private companies..Kenya should take a few lessons from that.

  • lamrof

    Wow, too big to fail. Africans are learning quick, this american farce. Maybe its better not to watch CNN too much.

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