South Africa: the sights and sounds

They say it’s possible in South Africa. Though it’s a catchy tag-line, you might be wondering what’s so possible about it.

One thing that always gets me is the variety. Most of the major towns in South Africa and not just Johannesburg are good for doing several things other than exercising your forearm with a bottle of beer or a jug of sangria.

From shopping to delectable cuisine, to movies, to helicopter rides, to game drives, to travel, to cars, and back to shopping – there are several things to do that are different every day of the week!

After Kenya, which is my home, South Africa is definitely my next favourite country in Africa. One very impressive factor for me is that I can walk around town in white sneakers and not have them caked in dust.

The food – even gourmet cuisine – is very generous and much more affordable than it would be here in Kenya. Fancy that!

You can call SA first world Africa, but the soul and spirit of the traditional land is flamboyant in its music, hairstyles, dance moves and even architecture.

I attended the Joy of Jazz festival that concluded in Johannesburg’s Newtown area in August, and managed to visit several places on the side. Here’s what I saw…

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