Kenyan Polo is picking up in popularity

Kenya Polo Open 2011 at Nairobi Polo Club photographed by Susan Wong ©

It is an early blustery Sunday morning at Nairobi Polo Club, and it seems like everyone is still sleeping or recovering from the Polo Ball festivities from the evening before. The crowd slowly trickles in as the players, handlers and horses prepare for some five chukka Polo.

Polo, “The Sport of Kings,” is one of the World’s oldest organized sport of any kind. The sport’s popularity has steadily declined over the years because of many reasons and mainly because of the perception of the sport as a mark of status and only played by the society’s elite, as a result seemingly inaccessible by others. However, the sport is slowly removing those stereotypes and proving itself as “The Sport of Kings” that anyone can watch or play.

Polo is definitely making a comeback internationally, and especially in Kenya for the last 10 years as seen from the growing numbers of enthusiastic spectators at Sunday’s Dasani Kenya Open 2011 finals.

Aside from visiting Polo veterans from South Africa, UK and India; young and upcoming Kenyan talent also played alongside the greats. Our very own Chris Foot of ‘Capital In The Morning’ represented the Capital FM team with a couple of junior players who were eager to perfect their skills on a competitive level.

Whilst marvelling the fast and furious action showcasing the amazing alliance between horse and human, spectators enjoyed the Sunday Finals picnicking on the grass and basking in the sun.

For those that would rather save their Shilling, tickets to the Polo tournament were astonishingly good value – free! Perfect for the whole family and a great place to network, next time, make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to catch a Polo game or two.

Saddle up!


Useful Tips for First-Timers – For the ladies

What to wear
• Flats or wedges, blazer, sunglasses. Jeans and cowboy boots; or silk and linen for big occasions. Basically, casual-chic!

What not to wear
• Heels, stilettos, hotpants etc.

Do say
• “Good run!”

Don’t say
• “What just happened?”


PHOTOBLOG: Photo Credits Susan Wong © All rights reserved.




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