The boyfriend blazer: A wardrobe basic

The boyfriend blazer is a wardrobe basic just like its predecessors the boyfriend jeans and boyfriend shirt. You can always grab it and put it on and instantly feel like you are wearing something you had put much thought into.

Of course anything that has been borrowed from the “boys” wardrobe and modified to fit in a girl’s wardrobe should be a bit oversized. So, the boyfriend blazer/jacket  is the perfect easy outfit that  can be worn either to complete a laid back look or for the dressy night out look and  even though it should be oversized, it should accent your  shoulders as in any other blazer should.


To rock the boyfriend blazer, you will need some shoulders on you and at least a bit of height so as not be swallowed by the blazer. So if you are petite a lot of thinking should go into finding the right size and fit for your body for the perfect look.

TIP: When it comes to size, always  get a blazer that is one size up…If you are a size 10, the perfect  blazer for you should be a size 12.

With the really long blazers, you can simply just pair them up with leggings and you are good to go, making sure of course that it covers most of your bum so as not to look tacky. Also make sure that your blazer hugs your body appropriately and comfortably. It shouldn’t be too baggy.

Always roll/fold up your blazer sleeves. Exposing your wrists and of course the waist line design is what gives it that feminine touch.

different looks with the boyfriend blazer


So…make sure you own at least one blazer and remember… A neutral color blazer/jacket is always perfect as it can be paired with almost anything.


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    I love the Boyfriend blazer!!! best fashion trend  ever

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