Blanket rules

(THITU KARIBA) Over the weekend I got to sit in on a word from a Christian author I admire greatly. I also got to meet her but not before I got to pose a question to her that I really needed answered. In my church, my Pastor tells us single and dating girls not to kiss.  I love to kiss, kissing can be sweet and intimate without being sexual and arousing and I have never really had too much of an issue with kissing so I was quite disappointed at this new rule. Michelle McKinney Hammond is 53 year old, single Christian lady.  I knew that coming from someone who was in the same shoes their insight may be different or at least come with a play by play of how to do it all without breaking the rules.  It is easy for a married woman to tell you what not to do, to chill and all that, but the fact is they go home to a husband who they can kiss and enjoy more with.

I asked Michelle what her take was on Christian dating and if kissing would be ok and I am sharing what she said with you. For starters I got to understand that we cannot have blanket rules about some things such as this, and that we all have a conscience that tells us when what we are doing is wrong. In certain situations, we need to check with our conscience, check in with God and see if he is ok with it. The thing about a blanket rule is that it can take the joy out of the situation as it tries to eliminate the dangers, so basically you throw the baby out with the bath water. But if you just drain the water you can enjoy the baby with no threats.

I love to kiss as I said earlier, there are different kinds of kisses and they all bring out different kinds of reactions. Now, if you get a kiss on the cheek and that gets you all hot and bothered, getting blood rushing to places it should not, then you should avoid it by all means and find something else that works for you. If however you can handle a simple kiss on the cheek or on the fore head then by all means enjoy.  Personally, I do not like open mouth kisses, French kissing is not for me. It can be too erotic and seeing as my body is not made of wood I would rather not get it started.  I like the sweet, simple, loving, closed mouth kisses.  I enjoy giving them and receiving them and the best part is, I can do that and still keep my clothes on.

As Christians, we have a way of throwing a blanket over everything and making a general and across the board rule about things just because one person cannot handle it. We do it with drinking and we do it with dating too. The problem with that, I think, is that we kill the romance all together.  We become boring and religious when we could be romantic, fun and still righteous. The best thing would be to know yourself, know where to draw the line and play on the safe side without going to the deep end. You will be fine and will stay afloat. Know yourself and then know God for yourself and what is pleasing to him and you, not all of us are called to be Samson, some of us are allowed to cut our hair and we will still go to heaven.



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