Your hair part reflects your personality

Hair (especially on a girl’s head) is very important. I mean, apart from differentiating female from male you can tell a lot from looking at hair. You can tell a lot from the looks of a woman’s hair… how it is maintained, its glossy look and how it is coiffed. But that’s not news.

Apparently how you part your hair reflects your personality. This is according to Sociologists siblings John and Catherine Walter. Just a parting on your head can make a huge difference on your whole look.  John Walter (a self-professed Computer nerd) went from geek to cool overnight; just because he simply changed the side he parted his hair! “He instantly gained about 150 friends and an active social life with the “in” crowd after changing his hair part from the right to the left.”

I remember in High school it was compulsory that we wear our hair in a tight push back…no pony tail. Yes, we didn’t look good (I must add). Some of us even looked washed out because everyone almost looked the same and that’s why when we bump into our former school mates we can’t help but be amazed at how different and gorgeous they look now.

Anyway, here is a breakdown on hair parts and personality. You can decide whether they are true or not

Right sided part: It means you are outgoing, flirtatious person

Left- sided part: Means you are reliable, intelligent and maybe  a little shy and a worrywart

Middle part: means you are balanced. Both strong and sensitive. Straight forward person who takes no nonsense!

Full bangs and side bangs: Means you are bold with a strong personality. Strong decisive mind not easily swayed.

Part that is there but not quite – Means you are a smart leader, are influential and powerful. Trustworthy. Wise.

No part: Means you are easy-going and you take everything as it comes plus you don’t complain a lot. Also trustworthy and wise.

John and Catherine Walter finish up by saying that “If you find that your hair part does seem to correlate with how you’re perceived, consider changing things up a little. Maybe you can impact how people perceive you. Or you can just have some fun, because they’ll probably notice something about you has changed, but not exactly what. Just something to think about when you’re standing in front of the mirror tomorrow morning.”


So what’s your hair part style 😉 ?


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  1. rachael mwangi September 28th, 2011 at 8:06 am

    i don’t think so. what about African Women who wear amazing head gears: like Miss Orie,the Late Nobel Wangari?

    1. DisqusWontLetMeLogIn! December 31st, 2013 at 11:29 am

      What is head gear? Like a wig?


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