International stars show love for Kenya

A host of international artists are due in Nairobi next week to hand over their donations to the UNICEF kitty for famine relief in the horn of Africa region, personally.

The artists, most of whom have visited and performed in Kenya before, did not hesitate when called upon to give back to the country in its time of need.

Under the Give Africa Hope movement, neo-soul artist Anthony David, Peetah and Gramps Morgan, and J Boog of the hit-song “Let’s Do It Again” will be in Kenya for a series of week-long activities, including a visit to Northern Kenya where residents are worst hit by the famine.

Prior to the visit, the artists will team up with Jamaican superstar Alaine for a series of charity concerts on September 23-24 in Dallas, Texas, where the donations will be handed over to Project Maisha, through UNICEF’s iRelief Org.

Project Maisha is also working with the Uhuru Clothing Company, who have specially designed T-shirts that will be sold and proceeds sent to help with famine relief.

David who was in Kenya recently for The Lounge Unplugged said he did not have to be asked twice.

“The warmth given to me by my sisters and brothers in Kenya is one I will always cherish and helping them aid their needy communities is a good way to share the love. I look forward to getting back to Kenya and doing whatever necessary to assist with this and other situations and hopefully on a long term basis,” he said.

Gramps on the other hand plainly expressed his love for the continent.

“I hope to do my part in helping to alleviate the issues there and not just this one time, I hope to work with them for years to come to ensure our people’s welfares are taken care of through my foundation “Gramps Music Orchestrating Miracles”.

The grouping of artists is courtesy of the Give Africa Hope (GAH) movement, which is ‘a non-profit pursuit, uniting people & organizations from around the world to raise the awareness of famine relief efforts in Africa’.

“The Give Africa Hope movement was created to rally Africans & friends of Africa in the dispora to help with the relief efforts. This movement is far greater then just providing some food and water to residents living in Africa’s horn region,” says GAH team member Ann-Marie Oyugah.

“It is really great how everything came together organically,” she says. “We were brainstorming on how to do our part in the relief efforts when a close friend of mine, Thomas Mwicigi, designed a famine relief t-shirt to sell via his clothing line, Uhuru Clothing, to raise money. We discussed the need for large-scale collaboration and planning. A charity event was a natural first step and we all went to work right away.”

As part of celebrations to mark its 15th birthday, Capital FM has joined GAH as their media partner to highlight the activities they will be involved in locally.

As the fire dies down on the Kenyans for Kenya initiative, the concert in Dallas hopes to extend the cause to Kenyans in the diaspora and anyone else willing to give a helping hand.

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