Chicken gets more affordable at Chicken Inn

Chicken Inn photographed by Susan Wong 2011

It seems that Kenyans have taken a refreshed liking to fried chicken as of late.  With new chicken fast-food restaurants such as Chic King and Kentucky Fried Chicken entering the Kenyan market, those that have been serving fried chicken for a while like Chicken Inn and Kenchic are scrambling to safeguard their customers.

Chicken Inn photographed by Susan Wong 2011

With a new and revamped menu, Chicken Inn is responding well to the new influx of competitors and has launched a relatively drastic measure – slashing prices.

With prices being reduced approximately 20 percent at Chicken Inn, it seems that affordability is the new “cool.”  Perhaps fried chicken fanatics may end up overlooking the new hype about another recent fried chicken entrant in the Kenyan market since Chicken Inn has still maintained their quality despite reducing their prices.

It’s actually quite impressive: for 200 ksh you can chow down on a snack box with Minute Maid and for 250 ksh a value burger with chips and also with Minute Maid.  If you prefer your meal without a Minute Maid drink, the damage to your wallet is even less.  The most affordable meal on the new Chicken Inn menu are the Chicken Bites for only 160 ksh, which was only launched last week.

It’s definitely a gutsy move and most, except their competitors, will appreciate Chicken Inn’s new strategy of affordable fried chicken without compromising on quality.

So good news for chicken fanatics in Kenya: with Chicken Inn’s new prices, surely the other restaurants will follow suit soon.



FOODBLOG: Photo Credits Susan Wong © All rights reserved.

Chicken Inn photographed by Susan Wong 2011

Crispy, succulent and full of flavour; Chicken Inn’s chicken is definitely delicious.


Chicken Inn photographed by Susan Wong 2011

A crowd favourite: coleslaw


Chicken Inn photographed by Susan Wong 2011

Another healthy and refreshing option: green salad with their house dressing



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