C-A-M-P to the Mulla launch their new video


The party’s just started for C-a-m-p to the Mulla, who according to ReverbNation are ranked fourth in Kenya’s hip hop table after just a year and a half on the scene.

Camp Mulla consists of four young talents who sang and recently released the not-so-Kenyan-sounding semi-pop track ‘Party Don’t Stop’ which features rap-king Collo.

The group is made up of rappers Taio Tripper and Young Kass, Super-Producer K’Cous, and vocalist Miss Karun, and they fall under Sub-Saharan records.

Describing their music as 2-5-Flow, the young but oddly focused individuals say their vision is to spread Urban Hip Hop all over East Africa – just to start them off.

Impressed by their talent, the group recently got funding to shoot and produce a stunning video that was launched in Nairobi on Friday at a lengthy affair in Prestige Plaza.

Musician Wyre was also there to launch his latest video under the same production company, but it was Camp Mulla’s day.

The video cost a pretty penny! Check it out and let us know what you think…on a scale of 1 to 10.



  • Anmuchemi

    10 for sure i love it maynnn!!!

  • Mauthenge

    a def 9! keep the flow up!!

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