God and sex

(THITU KARIBA) I know that I am probably going to get a lot of emotions going out of this write up, but I knew the day I began writing that I was not here to go with the flow, I was not here to make anyone comfortable but to tell the truth. The truth hurts however; the truth also sets you free. Today I choose to talk about anal sex and God. Many times we find people practicing anal sex and somewhere, somehow think its okay, or that God has no say in it all, but he does.

God created sex. It is a means of fusing a husband and wife together, making the two one, a source of pleasure, a gift, if you may, to a married couple and a means of filling the earth.  Sex is Gods idea, so that first and foremost clears the whole myth that sex is ungodly. The only ungodly thing about sex is having it in the wrong context and in the wrong manner. That is, sex out of marriage and well, putting things where they do not belong. He created the penis to enter into the vagina. He put everything in place to make it pleasurable and painless, with all pros and no cons.  A woman’s sexual organ allows her to have as much sex as she can till death do them part without any damage.  It is elastic and created to accommodate the penis.

There are those I know who choose to have anal sex, with the idea that as long as it’s not vaginal penetration they are still virgins. I know of girls who practice anal sex for that particular reason. They believe that and still call themselves virgins because after all, they have never had virginal penetration. My Bible tells me that a virgin is one who is untouched. By Biblical standards many do not qualify.   You may not have had virginal penetration but you have been touched.  The world’s definition of a virgin and that of the Bible are two different things. So bending over and having anal sex means you are NOT a virgin. Not having virginal or any penetration but having been touched sexually also means you are not a virgin. Unlike the world, God is very forgiving and should you choose to repent, you can be made a new creation, a virgin through Christ and start afresh.

There are married couples that practice anal sex in order to spice things up. In other cases married couples choose to have anal sex to avoid uncleanness by having sex with a woman who is on her period. Many traditions, customs and religions even Christianity  state that a woman who is on her period is unclean and that she should remain untouched until that period is over. It is therefore unclean to have sexual relations with her.  To avoid being unclean, some husbands choose to have anal sex instead. What they do not understand is that, to touch the woman during this period is wrong; to then go as far as to choose anal sex is more wrong.  The anal cavity was not created for penetration.   So if your wife is on her period leave her alone, do not touch her, if you want to spice things up in the bed room there are ways to do that that God finds acceptable. Some churches teach about that, and that would be the best place to find out what goes and what does not.

Lastly there is anal sex that is practiced between two men having sex together. I came to find out that some men love women, but also enjoy having sex with other men and they are not gay, they would be considered bi-sexual. Then there are some men who choose to only have romantic relationship with men, they are gay.  (I know some of you will come at me because I used the word choose, but that is an article for another day) ill get back to the basics here:  God created a male and a female. The male has a penis that is used for urination and sex.  The penis was created to enter into the vagina during sexual intercourse for pleasure and to sow seed. Frankly speaking it’s the key and the keyhole theory.   You are either the key or the key hole.  Then you put the right key into the wrong key hole it may not fit, or it may fit but cannot work or if you really force it, it can actually turn and open the door but it will have caused damage.  The anal cavity is NOT a key hole. A hole it is but the wrong one and that means that insisting on anal sex will have consequences.  For one, there can be no procreation because the seed is sown in the garbage dump. The anal cavity is not elastic so it will stretch but won’t contract, eventually this means its ability to hold garbage is lost and you could very well end up dumping your garbage anytime, anywhere and have to wear a diaper. Anal penetration hurts, there is no flexibility or lubrication and could eventually lead to hemorrhoids that are very painful and ultimately surgery.

I refuse to believe that God could make a sexual process that has any flaws in it. God is a God of order and perfection. This leads me to believe that if anal sex causes you to lose your virginity before marriage, be unclean, and wind up in surgery from all the damage caused, it is not of God. I have not known God to give any bad gift or make any bad thing. My Bible says that if we sinful men know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more our father in heaven?  If it causes any damage physical or spiritual it is easy to see and say it is not from or of God.


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