• Chotara

    These are the ignorant people who have not read the constitution and also not understood how far devolution has gone.

    Instead of rehabilitating street families as I had hoped you would, you have allowed them to increase in number– this function is still under the National Government- Ministry of Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services

    Residents of Nairobi will soon need to procure canoes as they sail their way through floods of open sewers in Nairobi- Most Nairobi roads are either under Kenya Urban Road Authority or Kenya Rural Roads Authority. Minority being under the County!! Discussions are still ongoing between the National and county governments on which roads are to be devolved!!!

    procure canoes as they sail their way through floods of open sewers in Nairobi Again ignorance displaced here– Mister ever heard of Nairobi water and sewerage company???

    I had hoped that your planning skills would reduce traffic in the city, how I was wrong. Your “genius” plan to rid Mombasa road of traffic has unleashed a nightmare on its users by turning that great road into a parking lot—This one i can say Kidero has at least tried though the Roads and transport are not under his docket- those bypasses are all under Roads ministry, management of transport under transport ministry!

    Some one correct me if am wrong

  • Jyotindra Shah

    On the onset of KIdero governance I noticed contracts being given out to so cowboy companies all over Nairobi – in the pretext of fulfilling Government undertaking that contracts should be given to upcoming young enterpreneurs alas nearly all the contracts to make footpaths have evoporated with huge mounts of stones and soil all over the place eg Ngara Road going up to Ngara from River Side. Huge trenches that were dug up to repair the drainage on the Fourth Parklands have remained exactly what they are TRENCHES and guess what, they are just outside the Highridge Primary School, where many innocent Nairobians have injured themselves and everyday children are risking falling in. Vehicles have fallen into these trenches – absolutely nothing has been done about them.
    Whenever any repair work is undertaken by Nairobians a the city county askaris or inspectorate become visible and demand to see the permits but where are they when it comes to giving services. Should they be deployed to give services rather than roam around earing out some chesel and hammer sounds. Many of the laws with good intentions have been ruthlessly used by the City Inspectorate for their own financial gain (bribe!)

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