‘Global Mash Ups’ samples Kenyan talent

Muthoni the Drummer Queen has been selected to headline the multidisciplinary Incubate Arts Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands which runs on 12-18 September.

The reason she was invited was for her to introduce her style of dance music to a widely alternative audience that will attend the festival, something that is Muthoni’s cuppatea.

Muthoni is slated to perform on two days, September 17 and 18.

According to a statement from the musician’s publicist, “the Incubate Arts Festival is a global initiative by Generation Bass which seeks to bring together vocalists and producers from non-Western countries, and have them work with musicians from the West.”

Muthoni will be part of a project called ‘Global Mash Ups’, where she will record some tracks with UK-based techno/dubstep producer, Silkie.

Apart from Tillburg, she will also perform together with Silkie in Amsterdam, which is about 90 kilometres away.

Other African artists selected for this particular project are Steve Rutta from Tanzania and Hope Masike of Zimbabwe.

“The aim is to enhance interaction between the different cultures and contribute to the artistes’ development of a unique style,” reads the statement.

The weeklong event will feature music, dance, film and visual arts.

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