Double Dragon is the real Authentic

Another self-proclaimed “authentic” Chinese restaurant has opened in Nairobi.  Seriously, most of us would agree that the word “authentic” has been severely overused in the global culinary World.  However, this restaurant honourably deserves to use “authentic.”

Double Dragon officially opened its doors on Monday, which auspiciously fell on Mid-Autumn Festival or also known as Moon Festival.  You know a restaurant is “authentic” when they bring you a celebratory moon cake, made fresh from their kitchen – definitely rare in these parts.  The pastry was baked perfectly until it was golden brown, and the filling with red azuki beans was delicately sweet – this was as authentic any Chinese restaurant could ever be.

Double Dragon is spaciously located in the new wing of the Junction Shopping Center on the fourth floor. With a capacity for nearly 300 guests, an expansive alfresco patio space, and five private rooms each poetically decorated with a different Chinese theme; Double Dragon boasts a décor that is a comfortable blend of what the Chinese would expect, and more importantly what Kenyans would enjoy.

Double Dragon ambitiously offers some of the best and well-known classics of all the schools of Chinese Cuisine – making them the first in Kenya to serve up some scrumptious dishes that are just must-tries!

Double Dragon Restaurant in Nairobi photographed by Susan Wong 2011 13

Cantonese-style roast meats, specifically Char Siu, or Roast BBQ Pork is an overwhelming favourite in Hong Kong, Southern China and Singapore.  Who can say no to Char Siu when each mouthful is just a flavourful, succulent and smokey-sweetness of pork?  Just the Hong Kongers eat more than 66,000 tons of this roast meat a year!

Double Dragon Restaurant in Nairobi photographed by Susan Wong 2011 16

With their roots in Shanghai, the Double Dragon team had to ensure that the classic dim sum of Steamed Pork Dumplings were on the menu.  What makes a good dumpling?  Firstly, making dumplings is an art form that takes many years to master.  The delicate dough has to be thin enough that it’s translucent but thick enough that the meat and juices will not burst through.  Served in charming bamboo steamers, please be careful when you take your first bites!  The dumplings are steaming hot and also you don’t want to drip and waste any of the delicious broth inside the dumpling.  Savour the flavourful juices that pour into your mouth with every bite of the dumpling!

Another Chinese classic for the Sichuan region, is Dan Dan Noodles.  Double Dragon combines their homemade noodles in a spicy sauce and minced pork.  The texture of the fresh noodles is what makes this dish a hit – chewy and not too soft.

With such an extensive menu, I could go on forever about Double Dragon.  Oh, before I forget, make sure you try the Squid in Spicy Sauce. Each squid is delicately scored almost like a flower to ensure that the delicious sauce coats evenly.

Ok, enough ranting, I’ll leave it up to you to explore your favourites at Double Dragon. Opened Now!


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