• Qwani

    I have no idea who Dannish Odongo is, but he is definitely not a security analyst. In just the past few days alone, the Garissa attack has jolted Kenyans to give information to the police on suspicious individuals in their neighbourhoods. This has led to arrests and discovery of arms and ammunition. That should tell everyone the importance of having the nyumba kumi initiative. If it is fully implemented across the country, the terrorists will have no where to hide. As for eradicating corruption, we need to be together in the fight of that vice. Saying that it is the sole responsibility of the President to eradicate it is a fallacy. Everyone, including the opposition need to play their role and stop hiding behind that phrase of “paying taxes”. Patriotism is much more than just paying taxes.

  • NjambaTIkere

    Talking of corruption, it is easy to point a finger at the government of the day, but you find those who shout loudest and their cronies appearing on the list of corruption shame. We abet this vice by participating in it as a way of life, then cry loudly about it.
    We resist Nyumba Kumi initiative because it assails our privacy. Why not play our role in fighting Alshabaab, then query the government when it fails to act on intelligence? After all, aren’t most of these terrorists fellow Kenyans who live among us. Irony is questioning the President when he says that security begins with us, while we drive vehicles fitted with alarms and live in houses that are mini prisons coz of the burglar proofing we’ve installed. It’s about time we stopped the hypocrisy and take our security seriously before pointing fingers at government. I suggest we play our roles first and kick government hard when we have done our bit and they have dithered. The rest of the posturing is just noise, and will not get us anywhere.

  • Ciiru Kathuri

    I doubt corruption is something that can be dealt with in a day. No government has a ‘Harry Potter’ magic wand to wish it away. It took decades for this vice to become entrenched in our country so no magic will eradicate it in a day, month, or year. It will take the will of every single Kenya today to stop contributing to the vice, a change in our corrupt culture and a generation change which is more than laws and noise. #mythoughts.

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