‘Tapas Tango’ starts at Tamambo

TAMAMBO TAPAS BAR pili pili shrimp photographed by Susan Wong 2011

Tapas, a diverse selection of snacks and appetizers popularized by the Spaniards, have evolved from simply small dishes accompanying their alcoholic drinks to a modern and trendy pub culture.

Have you heard of doing the “Tapas Tango?”  Well, now you can do exactly that in Nairobi.  You can give this Spanish tradition a try and basically together with your friends enjoy a pub crawl not for the drinking but for the munching!

Though Tamambo Tapas Bar may not be the only place to enjoy a bit of Spanish pub culture and cuisine, it certainly is doing its part in evolving the Kenyan tapas culture into its own sophisticated cuisine.

Situated on the top floor of The Village Market, Tamambo Tapas Bar is a trendy, unpretentious and simply a cool place to catch up with friends and family over amazing palatable tapas, fabulous cocktails and live music.

Tamambo Tapas Bar serves up Kenyan-inspired tapas and often features the freshest of seafood that the Kenyan coast can offer.

Capital Lifestyle has always raved about Tamambo’s Mambrui Oysters, and it goes without saying that it was no different at Tamambo Tapas Bar.  Just imagine a plate of freshly shucked small oysters full of the ocean’s sweetness baked with soy sauce, garlic, lime juice, ginger and coconut.

A favourite amongst regulars, the Crispy Fried Prawns were absolutely delicious in its lightly salted batter accompanied with Tartar sauce and Sweet Chili Sauce.

Don’t worry meat-lovers, there is also a lengthy meat tapas section.  With so may to choose from, Capital Lifestyle suggests ordering the Tapas Taster that has a bit of everything to get your “Tapas Tango” started.

Aside from tapas, Tamambo Tapas Bar also has a classic selection of soups, salads, burgers, mains and pub staples like Quesadillas.


Décor. A large alfresco dining space with also a cozy indoor space.  Tamambo Tapas Bar is revamping their look in the next month!  Make sure you check them out!

Service. The staff was very knowledgeable about the menu.  The service was attentive, friendly and consistent throughout the evening.  Don’t be shy when filling out the comment card!

Things to look forward to. A new menu is launching in the coming weeks!  Can’t wait to see what other delicious creations will be featured.  The cocktails and drinks are on point – you can even order an authentic dawa.  You know it’s authentic when one of the original dawa founding members from 1979 has made sure the recipe is as good as it gets.


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FOODBLOG: Photo Credits Susan Wong © All rights reserved.




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