New smoother, richer Richot brandy

East African Breweries Limited (EABL) took the brandy experience a notch higher with the introduction of a premium, smoother Richot Brandy into the market. The newly launched brandy also comes in an enhanced packaging that reflects a richer look.

So what’s new with the Richot Brandy?

The new Richot Brandy, is a five-year Italian matured brandy, that promises to be a treat to consumers. The rich, amber-coloured drink undergoes a 5 year maturation process in oak casks by world acclaimed Bonollo Distillery, whose legacy dates back to 1918. The process represents the most advanced technology in the area of distillery in and out of Italy.

Rosemary Momanyi

The Richot story begins from the spine of the Apennine Mountains, Italy, where fresh ripe grapes are selected from the fields.  By Italian law, brandy is distilled from sound and wholesome wine and is then aged in oak casks.  To ensure that the maturation process is on track, and that the resultant brandy is of the highest quality, a Master Vintner closely monitors the maturation process.

EABL Kenya Marketing Director, Caroline Ndungu commented, “This is indeed a leap in the right direction.  We are constantly upgrading our products to keep in touch with our consumers’ preferences.  At EABL we appreciate that the consumer is king and is continually seeking the best quality in line with world standards.

To complement the improved, fuller bouquet brandy, is a rich new look whose aesthetic appeal reflects the intrinsic greatness inside the bottle. The additional use of gold on the label is indeed an attestation of Richot’s calibre.

EABL’s Marketing Manager for Spirits, Rosemary Momanyi said, “We invite Kenyans to toast to the new change, and join in sharing the warmth with the new Richot brandy. We will embark on a nationwide campaign to sensitize Kenyans on how best to appreciate their brandy and collect their Share the warmth stories. The new Richot may have been matured in Italy but it was definitely meant to be shared here with friends”

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