• Grey is a Lie

    ” I believe the voice of the people is the voice of God”

    Sorry Ngunjiri, but if just 10% of politicians have been living by that credo, no wonder we take two steps forward, one step back. The Voice of the People will never be the Voice of God.

    However, that said, I support getting rid of MPs from CDF. That money should go directly to Counties via Governors now. That does not mean that I trust Governors more than MPs to offer accountability for the funds, it just means that’s the law of the constitution. Plus, at least we’ll have 1 person to expect accountability for all county funds from. MCAs fund should also be scrapped off.

    I heard Raila on Saturday supporting the court decision. then on Sunday backtracking on his earlier message. The guy is proving why he’ll never be fit for head of this republic. He’s too indecisive, he just goes with the waves. He wants to look good at any cost – even at the cost of the truth. Considering his age, the other politicians should be looking up to him to be a leader – and the trait of standing by your word is an important trait in an successful leader; But he lacks that.

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