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The 3rd Kalasha Film & TV Awards launched the Public Voting segment Tuesday which also saw the unveiling of the nominees as the ultimate stretch towards the main gala event which is scheduled for the 23rd September. 129 film and television features were entered in this year’s Kalasha Film and Television Awards. .

The Kalasha Film & TV Awards have been designed to allow Kenyans to celebrate their cultural diversity through film and to recognize the role of film in economic sustainability. Specifically, the Awards seek to motivate local producers towards quality film and TV productions. The event is organized by Kenya film Commission, whose mandate is to develop and promote the local film industry.

This year, the Kalasha Awards boast of 26 categories covering both Film and television.  Some of the categories and the nominees list is as below:



Best Feature

1. Sita Kimya – Film Aid Kenya

2. The Rugged Priest – Cinematic Solutions

3. Muigwithania – Wide Angle Visions Ltd

4. Haunted – Flick 7 Pictures/Jitu Films

Best Short Film

1. Me, My Wife and Her Guru – Flick 7 Pictures/Jitu Films

2. Maisha – Imagine Pictures

3. Madam Chief – Joan Kabugu

Best Cinematography

1. Martin Munyua – The Rugged Priest

2. Wendy Kirorei – The Brief Case

3. John Arigi – Me, My Wife and Her Guru

4. Dharam Gulati – Muigwithania


Best Lead Actor

1. Collin Simpson -The Rugged Priest

2. Kamau Mbaya – The Brief Case

3. David Lomunyak – Haunted

4. Ian Mbugua – Me, My wife and Her Guru


Best Lead Actress

1. Liz Njagah – Me, My Wife and Her Guru

2. Serah Ndanu – The Rugged Priest

3. Lydia Gitachu –Haunted

4. Lillian Awuor – Sita Kimy


Best Supporting Actor

1. Lwanda Jawar –The Rugged Priest

2. Boniface Lopo – Haunted

3. Keith Chuaga– Muigwithania

4. Kevin Onyango – Me, My wife and her Guru


Best Supporting Actress

1. Millicent Mugadi – Me, My wife and Her Guru

2. Prachi Savani – Muigwithania

3. Rita Namurembe – The Struggle

4. Peris Wambui – Broken Ties



Best Lead Actor in a TV Drama

1. Gilbert Lukhalia– Siri

2. Raymond Ofula–Nairobi Law

3. Ephantus Mwangi –Mheshimiwa

4. Peter Maina – Mother –in-Law


Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama

1. Joy Mwiandi – Changing Times

2. Nice Githinji – Changing Times

3. Angel Waruingi – Tahidi High

4. Cleopatra Koheirwe – Be the Judge

Best Supporting Actor in a TV Drama

1. Kevin Mbithi – Changing Times

2. Vincent Mbaya – Be the Judge

3. Juma Williams – Papa Shirandula

4. Peter King Mwania – Nairobi


Best Supporting Actress in a TV Drama

1. Brenda Wairimu – Patriciah Changing Times

2. Sarah Atieno – Inspekta Mwala

3. Nelly Kuria – Mheshimiwa

4. Marrieanne Nungo – Saints


Best TV Drama

1. Siri – Al Is On Productions

2. Changing Times – Insignia Productions

3. Nairobi Law – KEN TV

4. Be The Judge – MEDEVA


Best Performance in a Comedy

1. Francis Njenga – `Mogaka’ in Vitimbi

2. Jackline Nyaminde – `Wilbroda’ in Papa Shirandula

3. Eric Omondi – Churchill Live

4. Peter Sankale – `Olexanda’ in Vioja Mahakamani


Best Talk Show

1. Capital Talk – K24

2. Kuwa Tofauti – Family TV

3. Hatua – Mohamed Amin Foundation

4. Matatu –Made In Kenya TV


Best TV Comedy

1. Vitimbi – KBC

2. Vioja Mahakamani – KBC

3. Papa Shirandula – Citizen TV

4. Inspekta Mwala – Citizen TV

Best TV Entertainment

1. Churchill Live – Cinematic Solutions

2. The XYZ Show – Buni Ltd.

3. Sakata –Citizen TV

4. Grapevine – KBC


The voting process is threefold: The nomination Academy awarding 70%, the industry 20% and the public 10% totaling 100%. The public vote will be channeled through the short code service, official website and screenings. vote! vote! vote!

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  1. Rkwavi September 21st, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    kua Tofauti Talk Show is my BEST


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