Habida releases sexy new video

Award winning musician Habida has just finished putting together her fourth and latest single MY REASON, accompanied by a video which was shot on the sandy beaches of Mombasa.

The best way to describe the video, that was shot and directed by photographer Emmanuel Jambo, would be sassy, sultry and most definitely alluring.

Her reason for singing this song is a handsome, loving, caring, understanding and well-over-six-foot-tall man who happens to be her husband, Daniel Ebo.

“All human beings desire is to be understood. To only have to be with someone for them to know you; in silence for them to understand your needs. Someone who most people think only exists in the fantasy world… I thank God for having given me an all-round perfect husband… He is the REASON for my happiness and the REASON for my strength,” said she.

THE REASON featuring Canibal is part of her upcoming debut album SUNSHINE, which also has the songs ‘Kesho’ and ‘Get Down’.

“Canibal and I wrote the song together. We recorded the song at RKays studio,” she told Capital Lifestyle.

She has been working on the album partly in Nairobi and partly in Europe and she will be having her listening party at the SkyLux Lounge in Westlands on September 27.

And just in case you didn’t know, Habida means love in Pokomo.

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