With this off the air situation, the common mwananchi doesn’t know what’s happening in the country. They have been deprived of the daily on goings. Surprisingly the leaders, Cabinet secretaries, MPs, Governors, Senators , etc have now been deprived of their nation building activities not being followed by the wananchi. The CA has finally gagged the media completely. Where are we heading to? The Executive should come in and save the day. It’s a shame tthat the Executive is called in all the time to sort out the mess created by a few individuals . Such individuals should be sacked immediately.

    • Irene Njoki

      KBC K24 CNN BBC SIGNET YOUTH SIGNET WTV BAMBA AND SO ON are airing news so nobody is being deprived of anything sisi tuko digitali

  • Gathii

    And where were you when the CA was issuing the calendar for digital migration across the country? Or did you think it did not apply to you? Isn’t that impunity?
    I rest my case. I for one will not miss you. Adios.

  • Gathii

    The communication to comply with the digital migration calendar by 13th February 2015 is now a threat? Are you above the law?

  • Paul

    These guys got to learn that we don’t need them, they need us. Its not like we don’t have options! Tow the line or if its too hot get out of the kitchen!

  • Gilbert

    Why are people not reading from the forth paragraph..this statement “The forceful shutdown of analogue broadcasting was clearly calculated at
    forcing the three media houses to avail their signal for distribution
    by the government-owned Signet and the government’s preferred
    Chinese-owned distributor Pan Africa Group PANG that also operates Pay
    TV service StarTimes.” I believe if I make my programs let me broadcast them as well… why should some make money out of my sweat!

    • Irene Njoki

      the media had five years five years ohhh wat did the do nothing…..by the way kbc is fun just watched sundowner yesterday …

  • Vincent Opiyo

    I don’t care. As long as I get the services I pay Zuku for. And that includes these four station that are now yammering to a wall. Go digital and spare us all the whining! I need to get value for money.

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