Accessories are your glamour weapons!

Accessorizing is very important in fashion. This is because fashion accessories can either make or break your outfit. Most of the time we want the accessories to make our outfit therefore they should be used only as enhancements. So when dealing with accessories it is always best to be sure of what you are doing. For instance, did you know that mixing jewelry is a fashion faux pas? Like mixing pearls and bling or beads …it never works. If it’s “blinging” it out then bling it from earrings to necklace to ring. If it’s keeping it regal with pearls, let it be pearls all the way.

Accessories are meant to act as supplements and complements to our clothes.  We accessorize mostly with jewelry, handbags, hats, belts, scarves, sunglasses. Other accessories are the likes of gloves, suspenders, watches, stockings, bow ties, stockings etc

Of course accessories should add colour, style and even class to an outfit. They can also help you create a certain look so accessories cannot be undermined whatsoever.

Sometimes we tend to kill our looks by adding on accessories when we really don’t need them. Sometimes our clothes can act as accessories or can have detail that are accessories making adding accessories an unnecessary thing. A beautiful clutch can glamorize your entire look. But if your outfit has a lot going on, keep the clutch plain and if your outfit is simple carry a clutch with some detail. PS: Bows work great.

When it comes to accessorizing less is more plus we have to keep with the times. Whether it’s with belts, earrings, chains and necklaces, earrings, shoes, bags…we have to mix them well Toto blend perfectly with our outfit.

Don’t mix gold and silver…it is either or.

While on the topic, let us not forget shoes! Shoes are a girl’s bestie I agree, but the shoes you wear should complement your outfit. A look I find particularly tricky is wearing a dressy dress with boots. It kind of kills the “femininity” of the dress plus it just makes your legs look awkward. If you are going to wear a fabulous dress, pair it with a pair of nice stylish pumps.

PS: Pointy pumps are back in vogue and work well with a dressy ensemble. Sparkly shoes are also very much in!


When dealing with sparkles as accessories don’t go over the top though. With sparkly shoes,  if your dress has some bling, then your shoes should be minus sparkles as they will take away the attention from your dress and vice versa.

JLo loves her some sparkle and she really does work it! She kind of overdoes it in the first image with a sparkly dress, sparkly heels and a sparkly clutch) we don’t know whether to ogle her dress or shoes but she still nailed the look. That’s her though, so don’t try that at home as you might end up looking like a mirror.

Overdoing it with accessories will obviously earn you a big FAIL! Remember you are not an object (i.e Xmas tree) that needs to be decorated. Overdoing it with bangles and rings just makes you look cheap instead. Jewelry should be taken as masterpieces where the wearer showcases a delicate piece at a time.

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