And the Pilsner Mfalme III winner is…

The Pilsner Mfalme III Competition – the Hunt for the King moves the crowd came to a close at a DJ face-off at the carnivore Grounds on Saturday 3rd September 2011, where DJ Rickie from Thika emerged the undisputed winner of the hotly contested competition.  Up for grabs was a souped up Nissan Van, valued at over Ksh 2.6 million.

Battling for the top prize were DJ Duez, DJ Rickie, DJ Amoh, Dj Sankee, DJ Dave and DJ Briggy who made it to the finals. During the first showdown, the competing DJs were judged on mixing, choice of music, scratching, versatility, innovativeness, crowd reaction, mic technique, image/swagger, originality and creativity, stage presence, confidence, equipment know-how and levels control by a panel of legendary local DJ’s from MOB and Code Red.

The competition was then taken a notch higher where the final three contestants were placed behind a screen for anonymity, upon which the panelists judged them on mixing, choice of music, scratching, originality and creativity. The crowd also participated in deciding who should be their Pilsner Mfalme King that moves the crowd through crowd acclamation and noise barometer readings.

“This year, the competition changed slightly. DJs were judged on the same merit as in the past but we felt we needed to incorporate the Pilsner consumer in the whole process as they are the final decision makers in determining who should be the King that moves them.”, said Pilsner Brand Manager Francis Mworia during the ceremony. “As a brand, we will continue to nurture and breed talent especially amongst the talented Kenyans in efforts to empower them socially and economically” he concluded.

DJ Nelly hands over the bat


The Pilsner Mfalme III kicked off in July this year and visited 10 major towns in Kenya including Kisumu, Nyeri, Thika, Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret, Machakos, Meru, Nairobi and Kisii. Dubbed the King moves the crowd DJ competition the event aimed to provide a compelling and engaging experience to consumers while developing Deejaying talent and positioning it as a worthwhile career choice.

While handing over the baton to the new Mfalme, last year’s winner Nelson Isinga aka DJ Nelly said “I applaud Pilsner Lager for their continued support for the deejaying industry and I am glad to see more and more people choosing deejaying as a career option. I have gained a lot of exposure and experience from my reign as the Second Pilsner Mfalme”

DJ Rickie with his mom


Pilsner Mfalme was launched in 2008 and is open to contestants aged 18 years and above.

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