Keeping warm with a snood

Have you ever seen someone wearing a long tubular scarf that looked like a breed between a scarf (neck warmer), a hat and a hood and wondered what the heck that was? Well, that half scarf, half hood happens to be a fashion accessory prominently known as a SNOOD.

You can get a snood made from different fabrics and depending on the weather/season then you can get one in either thick wool, light wool, cashmere, cotton… whichever you feel warm and comfortable in.

You will always see snoods being rocked on fashion runways nowadays which means they are in vogue. Snoods are a unisex thing just like the scarves and hoods and it’s up to you to make it work for your look.


How to snood it

You can always wear your snood hanging as a scarf and when need be you could always wear it to cover your hair and your ears or as a poncho.


I like snoods because they make you wear less clothing items as they can  replace a hat, a scarf, ear muffs, half mask…you just snood it and your neck moving upwards is kept feeling all warm 🙂

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