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  • Mazzdark

    Oh boo hoo!

  • William Makora

    ODM and CORD always miserably think that anti Kikuyu slurs bolster their stature or make any Kikuyu unpopular. That is what I call erroneous thinking.

  • Alfonso Gribaldi

    40 against one policy…. it never worked then and it wont work now. We all need each other as Kenyans it our diversity thats our strength.

  • J Mbuthi

    Fellow Kenyans, tone it down. This kind of venom is not good for you nor for me. When shall we ever see each as compatriots? We need each other. No negative sentiments will ever add value to anyone. Let us learn to be positive about each other and aim to correct each other with humility. Positive energy leads to growth. Have a peaceful and bountiful 2015.

  • wacha upusi

    This is the kind of nonsense that keeps the country in endless tribal squabbles and helps people like Wambugu get little gigs here and there for themselves. Kenyan communities do not owe Kikuyus anything and the Kikuyus do not owe other Kenyans anything. The history of the country from 1963 to now speaks for itself. The 2007/8 PEV says volumes about our DNA as a country. We have refused to deal with these issues thinking they will go away now that we have our beloved Uhuru is president. They wouldn’t go away and if we can’t deal with them our children will have to. That is fair enough with me.

  • J Mbuthi

    Genesis 11: 5 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. 6 The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.

  • mwangala

    i am surprised by the lack of unity in your piece but again i do not know the agenda. let me explain, You say that in Cord campaigns there were “always seemed to be an unspoken ‘anti-kikuyu’ theme” yet you say their was “political campaign to demonize the Kikuyu community;” through unspoken words or unspoken. How do you read minds my friend. Secondly, how is Oburu Odinga statement “that as far as he was concerned Fidel’s death was not an act of God; that a human hand” an incitement against any tribe. and for sure you contradict youself by saying He went on with an “explanation of how Fidel had tried to bridge the gap
    with the Kikuyus” how is praising fidel showing his accusing finger? Of course you wanted to hear the negative so even the positive, you have to describe it as “off-colour”. Finally, how family in kenya doesn’t complain that the death of their beloved was the act of man not of God? Odinga’s alone? How is connecting mutula, kajwang’ and fidel’s deaths an attack against a certian tribe? i dont get it. any greaving person does that, i think its called denial. What do you even gain by writting this piece? i wonder. i am not a cord follower, i don’t care who is from which party of political affiliation. i have reasons why i like uhuru and why i dont like him, i have reasons i like raila and reason i do not like him, of course politically not personally. and your sir, piece i dont like, with reasons of course.

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