Nairobi’s coolest Bloggers, Music and All things Arty

The rising urban class is one that hugs culture close by the bosom! It has a soft spot for fashion, a tang for good food and music, speaks the language of technology and business. True urban living is delighting in the simple pleasures of the latest trends in town. UP Magazine speaks this language, celebrating the urbanity by being the eccentric voice and the burning torch of this rising class.

It’s nippy with the latest trends and plush in content. For the urbanite, UP Magazine is the play place where serious wears a light-hearted face, and page to page, stories are dressed to suit your readership.

In the latest issue, our words paint portraits of where we live: Nairobi’s coolest bloggers, music and all things artsy! We fill the void and appreciate the knacks, for how barren is a culture that doesn’t appreciate its art? It is a city of concerts where people know how to have a good time. Give them beer, music, a humanitarian cause, and fun will be had at the bundus , the Rift Valley Festival.

Forgive the cliché, but there is life in the internet. We capture Nairobi’s online persona of the bold and the creative bloggers. The photographers who take their cameras and camp on their pages, the mothers who raise their children and share some of their wisdom with those that might stumble upon these pages and the activists whose don’t really need to take to the streets to be heard…it’s an e-world out here!

Unfortunately, it’s not all things happy. We touch on the sad truths of correctional rape, a bad case of sadly-such-is-life where we refuse to embrace the ‘taboo’ sexualities of others and try to forcefully cross them over. We feed you for your fist date and give you a book to read while at it in case the date fails to show up. And for the bachelors, we turn that mucky pad of a living room into a spectacular love nest!

You needed a voice that spoke your language. We are what you ordered for.

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