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  • John

    Mr President has failed us. I regret that I voted for him.

    • pl o

      no the bill not good sir

    • orwa akeyo

      Have you even read it?

    • Giorgi Kims

      The loudest of the people opposing the bill don’t even know what is in it.But as one sycophant once said,during a past plebiscite;’I don’t have to read it,if raila say its good,it must be good.’ I guess this is just a continuation of that ‘Raila has said its bad,its bad.’

      Just pity blind sycophancy.Its their lives the bill intend to protect, yet they would rather follow people who have 10 body guards,and who care less if their sycophants die. Ask those who went to protest in front of parliament…their Christmas wont be a very nice one, in remand. Or better still ask alai.

  • Qwani

    This law was long overdue. I’m glad it has come to pass!!

    • Charles Njoroge

      what a gullible person you are

  • Jongere

    No.3 of the speech is one of the biggest lie I have ever read of late. Yes challenges havebeen for a long time. Why was it necessary to rush such an important Security legislation and why so many clauses ended being expunged from the Bill, give an obvious ammunition that there was a sinister agenda with this Bill?
    This suspicion I am afraid will not go away, no.

  • Proud Citizen

    Some are saying that the law was hasty Mr. President. But the same people want you to act even before the terrorists strick. How can they be so blind as not to appreciate that the faster you acted to enact the law the better as they expect your security to be accountable in protecting the country. We are behind you Mr. President. Remember President Kibaki’s hands were attempted to be so tied Raila who campaigned against him for the ten years of his presidency. However, he won BY LEADING THE COUNTRY TO PROSPERITY and finally Raila took credit of contributing to Kibaki’s success. Shame on him. Carry on Mr. President.

  • mosoti

    Keep on Mr. President we gave you votes lead us to the end. Remembering we are going to add you another five year. usioogope

  • Loisoiflame

    The problem is the police will misuse it! we are left at the mercy of corrupt police

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