Every stylish man should have…

Men’s clothing items don’t come cheap and the thing is the more top notch in terms of quality, the more expensive the item will be. Nowadays you will find imitated stuff which are way  cheaper but be sure that they will wear off too quickly and look tacky hence you end up having wasted your hard earned money.

If you are a metro sexual man then you definitely know what I’m on about. Looking dapper doesn’t come cheap and it would be better to own a  few items that are of high quality than own hundreds of stuff that are  ugly and of poor quality.

There are three types of men. The man who loves to look good hence always looks good by default, the man who makes an effort to look presentable and the man who wouldn’t care less about his appearance. Any lovely lass would kill to be seen or linked to the first guy.

That said, here are a number of items that should feature prominently in every stylish man’s wardrobe.

I want to emphasize on detail here. Look at the shirt’s buttons and pockets, the stitching, the cut and fit.

Emphasis here is on the cut and fit of the blazers. Spells Smart huh!

A good check shirt gives you that look of  you know a thing or two about being casual smart.

Humor t-shirts: These help break the monotony of wearing plain tee’s throughout plus a little bit of humor never killed anyone. Just make sure what’s on your tee isn’t too offensive because you might earn yourself a few slaps.

Owning a pair of Jack and Jones jeans is equivalent to a lady owning a pair of the coveted Christian Louboutin’s heels. Everyone will notice the quality and you’ll definitely get nods besides, your butt will look great.

ps: A pair of nice white, clean shoes will earn you a few extra winks.

A white plain muscle t-shirt gives you effortless good looks. A cool blazer speaks volumes about your style and colored socks help in adding  something different. People say that if you wear multi colored socks for a change you will be in a happy mood through out the day?

A quality suit, linen pants, something purple, cool sun glasses, tan loafers. And you can never go wrong!

Treat yourself once in a while to some good, genuine quality items which last longest (consider them your investments) and you won’t be tired of buying clothing items every too often.

PS: Ladies, these can be excellent gifts for your man 🙂


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