• Natty Dread

    Bwana Wambugu, how much money have you received over the years as the head director of an NGO? I am sure that “Kikuyus For Change” and “Change Associates Trust”
    has snagged quite a chunk of foreign financing.

    The reason for the face-off between GoK and NGO’s is one you now seem to know very well: many of the NGO’s have become channels of destabilization funds and training, some shamelessly out to torpedo Jubilee using the ICC. The most well-know of them is AFRICOG, led by the likes of Maina Kiai, John Githongo and Gladwell Otieno, people who do not even feel ashamed writing unsolicited letters to the ICC to try and get Uhuru and Ruto into more trouble.

    There are ‘CSO’s’ out there that are so hostile to the Jubilee government that it makes your proposed ‘partnership’ sound like a cynical joke. They want Jubilee to fail, to implode, to succumb to whatever disaster can be thrown their way, including economic sabotage, terrorism and Ebola.

    • Qwani

      In fact they are even openly sleeping in bed with the opposition!

      • Natty Dread


        Many do not even make any efforts to mask their CORD credentials. Remember AFRICOG during the petition of 2013.

        What I fear about the likes of Wambugu is that they do not explicitly come out in support of the NGOs, but they also do not mind defending them, albeit in roundabout ways such as in the article above.

        The day the NGOs and their masters succeed in their mission of undermining Kenyan democracy, Wambugu will promptly don a new suit and become their defender. Look at how quickly he turned 180 degrees from staunch support of JaCon/ODM/CORD to a vocal critic.

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