• Bonk3

    Keep off from Kenyan natural resources, Kenya will go the Norwegian way that dictates that all Oil found in the Kenyan territorry is owned by the Kenyan people and not foreigners. The best that Kenyans can do is to pay out foreign companies which are doing exploration and drilling at once and then let Kenyans manage their oil. Otherwise western cowboys with briefcases will do everything possible to divide Kenyans so that they can put a straw into the oil wells for the benefit the generations in their respective countries leaving Kenyans hungry like in Nigeria.

    • stan the man

      Western bullies have all eyes on our oil and will do anything on this planet to make kenya ungovernable like congo and the rest of africans mineral rich countries. We all know what you white guys think of africans and no wonder the ICC is just an african court to tame those do not dance to your tunes. Thanks for you pounds but we would rather manage our recourses than succumb to your enticement.

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