Juliani, Jeff Koinange et al to wait on tables

Juliani launches 'Pulpit Kwa Street' Aug 21, 2011 (photographed by Susan Wong)

After the successful Kenyans for Kenya initiative drive that saw corporate and Kenyans from all walks of life come together to raise funds for our needy Kenyans from the north, Juliani adds to the kitty by rallying support from other celebrities through the Kama Si Sisi ‘Celebrities for Kenya’ Challenge to raise more funds for the initiative as it draws to a close this Saturday.

This Friday 26th 2011 from 10am -4pm, Hiphop artist and philanthropist Juliani, through his KAMA SI SISI ‘CELEBRITIES FOR KENYA’ CHALLENGE will bring together a group of Kenyan celebrities drawn from all sectors entertainment, sports and corporate at the famous Ranalo Foods (Kosewe) restaurant located along Kimathi street for a noble cause by serving as waiters of the day to raise more funds for the hunger stricken. Benefiting the Kenyans for Kenya Initiative ,the likes of Safaricom’s CEO Bob Collymore, Genge artist Nonini ,Nameless,Avril ,Eric Omondi,Jeff Koinange just to name a few, will be among celebrities who will take orders from the customers at the restaurant as they take time to distribute informative fliers urging them to contribute to the cause through tipping them for their service. `

“As an extension of our contribution as musicians through the Kilio song that was used to drive the fundraising campaign, We would like to rally other artists and celebrities to contribute further by raising funds through this one day initiative” Juliani says. “I urge Kenyans to come get served by their favourite celebrities this Friday as they support this cause in achieving its 1 billion target” he added.

Kama Si Sisi ‘Celebrities for Kenya’ is part of Juliani’s wider campaign ,KAMA SI SISI that has various platforms to sensitize Kenyans on the need of taking care of yourself by taking care of others.

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