• raych

    I couldn’t agree more. We boast intellectual excellence yet are so quick to second-guess our own in favour of foreign firms. Are we indirectly saying we are not good enough?

  • Qwani

    There is an urgent need to look into the laws around our tendering procedures. We can’t have each and every tender being held hostage in our courts. Neighbouring countries are experiencing growth much faster than ours. Ethiopia is predicted to hit 12% growth by the end of this year, which is more than double that of ours. Tanzania is building a port at Bagamoyo which will be over 30 times that of Mombasa port and right now we are begging them to sell us their maize. More and more international conferences are being held in Kigali instead of here in Nairobi. This is not to say that we in Kenya don’t welcome competition. We do. But to waste so much time on political bickering and crying foul at each and every tender that is lost and rushing to the courts is not going to do this country any good at all.
    If we are not careful, one day we will wake up in this country and realize that we are no longer the economic powerhouse we thought we were.

  • ketch.

    lawyers represent their intrest not mass intrest their concern is winning irregardless of what, its rilly shameful for lawyers of Fred calibre to challenge award of this contract this is abuse of legal system

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