Beauty crimes (Part II)

Some things we try to do with our faces and body to enhance what our mama’s gave us are amazing. Guilty are we who tried a new look and ended up looking worse than clowns. Guilty are we who have “bad nails days” with chipped nail polish and all… but anyway, some people go too far in their quest to look more attractive but sadly…they FAIL! in more ways than one..

So, check if you are guilty of any of the below beauty crimes and force yourself to rectify with immediate effect.

Painting your face like you are going for a clowns audition – Have you ever heard or read somewhere that make-up should be used as an enhancement and not as paint? Your face is not a wall!  Seriously, overdoing your make-up (even if you were given free) just makes you look horrendous, cheap, tacky and clown-like! And it doesn’t matter whether the make-up is of good quality or not, over-painting your face deserves a jail sentence. Let the clowns be! Don’t put them out of a job.

*Black lipstick – This will just discolor your lips, make you look bad and be confused for Marilyn Manson’s twin!

*Lipstick on teeth –  eeek!!  Lipstick should be left for the confident wearer who does it justice. Even so, please ensure that at no point whatsoever do you have lipstick on your teeth. It doesn’t matter if you have to look in the mirror every 20mins, just spare people the horror. You look like a blood sucker!

Please wear your lipstick well if you must. Lipstick that’s worn running beyond the lip line just makes you look like a clown. If you don’t have full confidence in your lipstick wearing abilities just stick to lip glosses and lip balms, they are easier to wear and in my opinion make you look cute in a very polished way.

Shaving off your eyebrows then drawing them back on– If you are suffering from Alopecia areata then maybe you can be forgiven but if you are a normal person who grows hair normallythen you should know that drawn eyebrows make you look mean, angry and weird! Drawing them back on too dark is now just plain bad and any normal person who does this deserves a jail sentence!

Overdoing the smoky eyes and ending up looking like a raccoon. The smoky eyes should be done once in a while and in moderation. Some people overdo it and are smoky eyed twenty four seven making them look like raccoons and no! Raccoons are not cute they always look guilty!

Some looks also have to be done solely by make-up pros, so if you can’t hack, stay away!

Wearing cheap eye shadow– Eye shadows last a long time, so investing in some good quality eye shadow will go a long way. And not only that, you will always look polished. When you wear cheap make-up and then sweat in the course of the day…you get this look like your face is melting. True story!

Do you see the difference in quality in the eye shadows below?

Don’t wear too much eye shadow Investing in quality make-up shows evidently how much  you love and take care of your skin and yourself.

Cheap make-up will damage your skin. So, if you can’t afford nice make-up stay away from it altogether because Dermatologists don’t come cheap!

Black lip liner If you live in a hole, then you probably don’t know that times have changed and using lip liners that are darker than your lip line or lipstick is a make-up faux pas! Apply the lip liner very close to your natural lip line. There’s no two ways about it!

Wearing a thick coat of foundation. I’m sure if your face had hands it would slap you silly for weighing it down with make-up. Make up should be fun and used to enhance what’s already there and not to create another face. Well, sometimes it is used to hide blemishes I agree but really the lighter the coat of  foundation the more natural you will look.

Too much powder makes you look like a ghost! And I’m pretty sure even real ghosts would be terrified if they saw someone with so much powder on their face. But we don’t appreciate shiny sweaty noses, powder,  powder, powder it! Do you realize that your nose is right in the middle of your face and therefore can never be missed?

By the way sometimes letting your face breathe a bit  by not wearing make-up can help your skin a lot! Going really dark all the time will give you a permanent dark look so do watch out with make-up especially poor quality make-up. Wear it only if you must.

Gross looking manicures– When it comes to nails, people like associating with people who look clean and neat, so the simpler your manicure is the better and the more people will feel like they can approach you.

If you can’t afford to do your nails weekly, then avoid dark nail polish because when they chip they can be spotted from miles away. Maybe try the neutral colors?

Cheap perfume– If anyone tells you “your perfume is strong” in a flat tone, then know that your perfume is whack! Save us from further pollution and making people sick…nobody appreciates those favors thank you!

Bad colored weaves– Although not many people appreciate weaves, there are some nice weaves. Invest in a quality weave which shouldn’t be on your head  for more than a month and make sure you wash it at least once during that month! There are those horrible weaves that look like they might just jump off the head and start walking… (Speechless!)

Also don’t have braids on for too long. There are people who wear the same braids for more than two months! gross!

Bad Mohawks – Yikes! mohawks are scary but some are more scary than others… Are they really necessary? There are very few people who can rock the Mohawk look.

Dry, chapped lips– Chapped, dry lips don’t look good on anyone! So no one has an excuse to try the chapped lips look. At least there’s Vaseline in every household. And if you can afford lip care products…the better. Dry, chapped lips are a turn off! Especially on men.

Bleaching your skin– God knows what He gave you and why He gave it to you. Flaunt your dark skin!  Some of the truly most beautiful people I know have dark skin. Lighter isn’t better! And if you don’t take care you’ll look like ‘Patchy Mac Patches‘  in the long run. You may also grow some facial hair and acquire a bass among other side effects. Embrace your complexion.

Piercing both sides of your nose – What are you? a bull?

That’s all I will say for now… 🙂

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