Sony makes sure every home video is watched


August 24, 2011 – Sony’s new line of camcorders with built-in projectors is truly ensuring that no home video will ever go unwatched!

As Sony puts it, “Captivating creations deserve an audience,” and that’s the way it should be, I couldn’t agree more.

What’s the point of hauling a camera around when no one ever gets around watching the footage?

Sony’s Handycam camcorder with projector turns any space into a mobile theatre.  Don’t worry no tiny pinhole image here – Sony’s built-in projector can project up to a 60” diagonal image…that’s larger than your friend’s LCD flat screen at home!

At first I was worried about the sound quality during playback considering the speakers on the Handycam are deceptively small.  Sony’s S-Master digital amplifier technology has removed any doubt I had with its powerful stereo sound quality enough to convince your audience to sit down, relax and enjoy the footage with fresh buttered-popcorn.

Another cool spec on this camcorder is that it comes with a built-in GPS receiver with geo-tags content ready to map your location anywhere in the World into your footage.

I wish I had this camcorder during my trek up Mt. Kenya.  The GPS would’ve come in handy documenting our progress up the mountain!

From approximately USD $700 – $1000, the range of Sony’s High–Definition Handycam Camcorder with Built-in Projector is definitely spearheading the consumer camcorder industry.

Now, you can immortalize your precious family moments and share them anywhere with a built-in projector.  Pretty cool if you ask me.







Susan Wong is the Editor of Capital Lifestyle, a resident photographer, an award-winning journalist, radio presenter, full-time adventurer, long-time admirer of anything edible, and a spicy food athlete at Capital FM.

  • i love Sony products, the laptop the TV the phone i have have just served me perfectly well…. the next item is this camera on my lists.

  • Bryo

    Now go buy him candy.

  • Kiprotich

    That a guy like Moses Kuria can be elected unopposed in Kenya today is a sad indictment of our values and conscience as a nation.

  • kopol

    u ve rotten idea

  • Paul

    I like how you put this article, the honest truth is as you put it, hate him or like him, Moses Kuria has got the potential to change the politics of this country as we know it. We wish him the best.

  • Bennet

    A sad argument! I see nothing positive in MK’s
    “election”. You wil never achieve tribal harmony through hate and
    threat’s to lead “protestors” to other people’s homes!

  • John

    This is a honest opinion. Until we find the ‘WHY’ we are just pulling to ourselves and not sharing as a country. We have all along been guided by hypocrisy…at the end..maybe…maybe..just maybe,kenyans will realise Kikuyus are not the problem

  • Mukhtar Abdi Ogle

    I hope Moses Kuria makes positive trouble in Parliament, use his ‘rough’ politics to reconcile the naive,ethnic differences in the house, addresses the ‘real or imagined’ grievances of ‘the others’ and together with young Turks in the house craft a substantive national agenda before the fast approaching 2017

  • Cirmar

    He is a tribalist who hates particular communities and now an MP if that’s what you mean. I can only see him dividing our people.

  • Gichenje

    Some people will tell you what you want to hear. Moses tells it like it is.

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