Who is responsible for contraception in the relationship?

(THITU KARIBA) This question came up on a radio show that I listened to the other night and I just had to talk about it.  It is and was interesting to find out that this is actually an issue.  However, I do understand how it can be especially if anyone gets pregnant or catches some sort or STD/STI.

First of all we must understand that contraceptives are used as a family planning method and also to prevent infections from one partner to the other.  I also must say that if you are not married you do not qualify for sex and thus this should not be an issue.

Before you marry, it is important to get tested and know if there are any STD/ STI issues. With that out of the way, the couple need not worry about it further and can then have sex without a condom if they wish to.  There are other ways of preventing pregnancies in marriage other than condoms.  If the couple feels that they would rather not use a condom then they must take up other forms of family planning if they are not trying to get pregnant.

Depending on the method of birth control the couple takes up, the responsibility may shift more to one partner than it would the other.  Most birth control methods are made for the woman so it would seem that she is responsible more often than not.  It is important for the other partner to give her support by reminding her, going with her to the clinic when they need to change or get a new prescription or even fill out the prescription for her. The two are now one, so what happens to one happens to the other and if one does not play their part in helping prevent the pregnancy, they cannot get mad about it when it happens. Seeing as couples are married till death do they part, it would also be considerate to switch from time to time and give the other a break if the need arises.  Today there are methods that can go on for years before a change or upgrade is required. If it works, great! Keep it going but if not then change and take turns to take up the responsibility.

The above are only my views on the matter and we would like to hear yours, let us know who you think should be responsible for birth control  in marriage and even the various methods there are to choose from.


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