• Jim

    My cat is not blue

    • Zack

      Dogs got two pairs of legs

      • Steve

        Duale, oops Devil is a liar.

  • Mysh

    jigger is a rapper

    • Vee_baby

      Beyonce is what?

    • Gabby

      Hot ’97…….. I get it down. Anxiously the public can’t wait …….. you have to have it way before the due date…… And of course there is a question here; ‘ is it really guilty until proven innocent ….’

  • Mysh

    I skipped breakfast

  • Mysh

    medula oblongata

  • Mysh

    aromat unbeliable

  • King

    Sema bitterness. The guys got bile.

  • natenate

    I am a CORD supporter but listening to midiwo, raila, orengo, muthama etc i am concerned about the directions they are heading. I think our raila is confused and lost. I cant support him anymore


    They look like people who enjoy freedom beyond the confines of law. They are even declaring national holidays! IG Kaimayo should first arrest all hooligan leaders without discrimination or favour if not they are going to make their prophecy political storm to come to pass.

    Even LSK is grossly biased, they are only recommending the ‘political puppies’ for prosecution for hate speach shamelessly ignoring the big fish that are openly breaching the constitution! They should not only be seen to be fair but also very neutral. They should ignore one side and pursue the other. They might be seen to very biased.

  • rashid mbulika

    Kenyans. Do not be destructed. Read this:rashid mbulika • 2 minutes ago

    Remember the scramble for and partition of Africa? colonization? At the heart of this was the enormous natural resource heritage. What ails Kenya security- the epicetral problem- is what ails security in Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Eqypt etc. The west are still scrambling for these countries’ resources. They use all and any means to destabilize countries, plant puppet leaderships which allow for resources to be taken out. If any leadership resists this, splinter groups are sponsored to destabilize these countries.Talk of Boko Haram, Al Shabab, ISL etc.The added advantage is the sale of arms to these groups. If sectarianism can be introduced in the equation so be it. So you hear terms like jihadists, fundamentalists, militants, separatists, radicalists, Mombasa republican. All these mean the same in Western terms. Did you ever wonder who arms these groups? Kenya has oil( a lot of it) gas,titanium,coal, soda, limestone. The west want it. The east want it too. Kenya has smiled to the east. The west will use any volatile means to achieve their aim. The west always act drama- sacrifice their good for a greater good. I need not elaborate. What are the possible emotive/eruptive issues in Kenya and South Sudan? Religious differences. Tribes. Land. Use these to distabilise the country then pretend to call for coalitions to govern with their ‘moles’ strategically placed to actualize their aims. I admire the west. They still colonize Africa through ‘Black’ colonists. Who enjoys oil in Nigeria? Kenyans should never be allowed to butcher themselves based on religions or tribes. They will have helped the west a great deal. I laughed today. It is no longer a ‘secret’ who is sponsoring ISL in Syria and Iraq. It is not Saudia or Qatar. At least all ‘blind’ people can now see for themselves. Kenya security is a challenge to all of us Kenyans. It is not the presidents making. Nor is it Raila’s. It is the west. Uhuru and Raila can only be pawns on the chessboard at best. Like Salva Kirr and Machar. Stay united Kenyans. Our enemy is the thief from the west.

  • Bennet

    RAO may be irrelevant and the the wrong person. He is just asking the right questions. Deal with the issues at hand for the good of Mwananchi!

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