Kenya’s most beautiful woman is Susan Anyango

She is 6 feet tall, slight in weight, very soft spoken (a little coy even),ever smiling and is the proud owner of not only the most coveted beauty crown (which she probably will keep for a year)in the country but a prestigious title as well. She happens to be only 19 and the Miss Kenya 2011 -2012. Susan Anyango is her name and one thing you should know immediately is that she is not your average 19 year old. Within a few minutes into the interview I learn that this beauty seated right in front of me has been through a lot in her 19 years of life.

First of all I had to stop her from apologizing too much. She was just a few minutes late for our one on one which she explained was from traffic jam (always a bummer). Her smile greets you from whatever corner you are at and smile she loves to do. She is warm and polite. Someone you can see as being friends with instantly. It’s no wonder she won the most coveted crown… this girl is lovable! I’m guessing life is always supposed to change and become overwhelming  for someone who holds such a prestigious crown in her hands but Susan is not really fazed by all that, she is comfortable with the little things that life brings her way. This you can see right from the start by how she is dressed. So simple in a check pilot shirt and skinny jeans and no  make-up on her face whatsoever. She looked effortlessly good.

Susan, the last born in a family of three has been forced by circumstances to grow up. For a 19 year old you would expect some jumpy, hyper girl but she is so humble and lady like. She smiles a lot (a beautiful smile that she uses to hide all the pain I guess) which is a good thing. It helps bring out her warmth even more.

The touching story is that Susan lost both her folks at a very tender age. She lost her dad to liver complications at age 5 and her mum to leukemia at 12. I guess she has now come to terms with everything because she is so much at ease talking about it. She believes that life happens and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Humbled by the fact that she is alive Susan takes everything as it comes. Her friends had been urging her to try out the Miss Kenya pageant so she decided to give it a try. However, by the time she was deciding to have a go at it, the Nairobi finalists had already been picked so she did the next best thing which was to head off to Githurai and try out there. Luck was on her side as she was picked as a finalist for the Nestea Miss world Kenya. From there she went into the modeling Academy which she called a “shared home” for 5 weeks  and beat 33 other beauties from all over the country to be crowned Miss Kenya 2011. Never was she put on probation during her stay in the Academy and thankful she remains. She is grateful to have been at the Academy because she learnt so much  and she met amazing beautiful people too.

Now she waits for the final Miss World round which will be held in London in October. Meanwhile she undergoes beauty pageant coaching as well as researching more on cancer as she founded a Cancer awareness foundation project which is something dear to her heart. She is also involved with the jigger campaign which is a former Miss Kenya’s initiative.

Susan hustles her way through life just like us to pay bills. The only difference is that she is too young to be having such responsibilities but she embraces it all as part of her life script. After cancer took her mum away, Susan was left at the mercy of her relatives and two brothers and this in some way made her what she is today. She helped send herself to high school (Kerugoya Girls) after which she decided to try life on her own. She rented a small apartment in South B just before she cleared high school two years ago and has lived there since. Through life’s little mercies and a bit of inheritance she got from her folks Susan is paying her way through University as she strongly believes that education really matters.

Susan looks up to Tyra Banks as her overall role model. She explains that her choice is because “Tyra is smart and she does what she believes in no matter what people say or think of her. She does what her heart desires and she does it with a passion and I love just that.” She knows only too well that this is just when life is starting but she prays that one day she will get to where Tyra is. Her number one role model however  remains her mum, because “she was an awesome woman” she explains.

Miss Anyango  is a first learner and you don’t have to explain something twice to her. I bet school work must come easy for her. She takes direction easily and her shoot goes ever so smoothly. She doesn’t seem to mind photos of her being taken. She is very confident in front of the camera and the camera adores her. She would love a career in media production and hopes that one day she will be the one behind the video camera.

As for now, she has to take a break from school (which she pays for) and deal with the duties that come with the crown.

Being so down to earth Susan insists that nothing much has changed, only that people who she hasn’t talked to in ages are now looking for her suddenly. She can’t wait to go compete in London and get a different experience altogether. We believe she has what it takes.

“It feels great to be Miss Kenya. Certainly didn’t expect it as I gave it a try just for the sake of it but everything happens for a reason. ”

If Susan ever bumped into a genie and had one wish at stake it would be to see her parents alive again.

What you should know about Susan

*She is half Kenyan half Russian

*She prays, reads a lot and plays basketball (it’s called taking advantage of the height)

*She has two older brothers

*She has featured in a Safaricom advert

*She was once Miss Kerugoya for two years

*She owns a car (which she loves) which came with the crown. She says “at least no more matatus

*She is studying Journalism and Communication at KEMU (Kenya Methodist University)

*She will participate in the Miss World competition in London come October

*She would love it if you voted for her when the time comes.

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  1. Avatar Yori Bracket August 22nd, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Beautiful story – umetoka mbali 

  2. Avatar Michael nandi November 7th, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Thats an amaizing life experince we wish u all tha best in London Susan.

  3. Avatar Ammodero November 12th, 2011 at 11:06 am

    So one has to look caucasian to be Kenya’s most beautiful woman? She is beautiful no doubt. But by western standards. Ajuma for most beautiful Kenyan lady anyday.

  4. Avatar Peris gathoni January 5th, 2012 at 6:54 am

    You are a real Diva
    Bravo 4 remaining strong in life n setting a grt example 2 ua elder brothers

  5. Avatar Kenya Weareeone June 19th, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    My understanding of what impeached means is “a formal process in which an official is accused of unlawful activity, the outcome of which, depending on the country, may include the removal of that official from office as well as criminal or civil punishment.” If Raila is responsible for the above. Why has there not been due process? Kenya is in a very vulnerable situation at the moment. I would describe it as when one puts milk to a pan/sufuria to boil, if you do not watch it carefully it, you may catch a few spills on the surface and save the rest of the milk. We have had our our few horrible spills and the last thing we need is the milk boiling over and spilling over to mayhem. Security is a huge problem in Kenya at the moment and the last thing we need is a boiling pan spilling over all the milk! We need action and not political propaganda being spawned to us. A lot of us are against tribalism but the Government has not helped in their appointments to making the public question them from all tribes.The CS has not delivered but he still stays in his post. Would it not be better for him to be a CS in the tourism industry where his best skills lie? On this one I blame all the politicians in his mayhem. After all the opposition in most countries is to check where the Govt is going wrong and point it out. For Al shabaab on one hand to claim the atrocities in Mpeketoni and for the Govt to say it is inside politics makes a a lot of Kenyans wonder on what is the true story. When the UK Consulate closed their offices last Friday in Mombasa. Did the Kenya Govt. see it is a big problem or was it ooooooh because we have gone East….. No my dear Kenyans the west is not our problem at least they are looking out for their own. We are our own problem. Let us not jump to tribalism and nonsense. We need security in our country, regardless of tribe, religion, gender etc. If there were not such huge issues in Kenya, Raila would not have a a leg to stand on. So ;let the Govt. deliver, makes us feel safe and not place all their problems on the opposition. As a Kenyan I am not buying that anymore. Let us remember our National anthem and our National Pledge…. May Kenya wake up and prosper!

    1. Avatar Socceroo June 19th, 2014 at 5:00 pm

      So you think it’s only the opposition who are concerned about insecurity and no one else? Let’s say exactly what we want and stop going around the veil of security. Raila wants power,period.

      1. Avatar Kenya Weareeone June 19th, 2014 at 5:29 pm

        Socceroo. Read the whole article! All Kenyans are concerned about security!

    2. Avatar Gabby June 20th, 2014 at 12:28 pm

      Impeach – from the old French word of the same root as empêcher means to hinder, stop or in Law, to challenge or discredit the credibility of, bring an accusation against….

    3. Avatar Tarimbo June 20th, 2014 at 6:02 pm


      Kenya Weareeone: I will let your gaffe about the english language go… You are going around in circles explaining what everybody knows.. The totality of what we have seen should convince every right thinking Kenya that we are again experiencing this guy fuel ethnic tensions with nary a single solution to the myriad verbal tirades he has been getting into. His sole purpose is the acquisition of the power the people denied him in free elections. To wit, Kenya was doing very weel in managing the terroristic threats when “Dr.” Odinga was on a ‘sabbatical’. Ask him to go back for 3 more years.

  6. Avatar Qwani June 20th, 2014 at 1:45 pm

    When the commissioners of the IEBC were being selected, raila was in fact consulted and approved the list. The interviews were conducted live on national TV for all to see. Now that he lost the elections he wants them all fired!!

    Then the idea of nyumba kumi was suggested as one of the solutions to combating crime and terrorism. raila once again was one of the first to stand up and pour cold water (or was it hot water) on the whole idea. What I would like to hear from the man is the solutions he has to offer. Simply shouting “police reforms” doesn’t explain to the ordinary person what role they can play in fighting crime and terrorism. The work of the opposition is to provide alternative solutions and not just to make noise and shoot down everything in sight.

    The security situation in the country needs of a lot of work, that is true. Many of us have seen the state of the police stations, the living conditions of the police and the pathetic state of their vehicles. All in all, various arms of security have been neglected over the past few years. In the recent past few months we are beginning to see some positive changes. Let us not be naive and think that security will come like flicking the switch of a button. It will take time,perseverance, dedication,hard work and a lot of collaboration with the community.

  7. Avatar abethesecond June 20th, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    So, State House’s hirelings have been loosed on us… to give this dog a bad name and to hang it until dead! The accusatory tone of Mr. Ng’eno’s article makes one wonder if he is fit to serve the presidency. Is he a public servant or a personal lapdog at State House, barking at a hated opponent? With this kind of messaging, from the presidency, who needs one country? Why don’t Jubilee just carve it up, so that those of us with a different opinion can have our piece, and Jubilee’s own can have peace?

    This government shall be the death of Kenya. It is rude beyond tolerable insolence.

  8. Avatar Kenya Weareeone June 20th, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    @Tarimbo – are you trying to suggest that When “Dr Odinga” was away there were no terrorist attacks? and on the Day Githinji was hired and Rugut was moved. Did you manage to look at the presidents Facebook page….. It got pulled down as there were many comments there that came from lots of people from all tribes saying the y had had enough of tribalsism with many Govt posts going to one tribe.Face the fact there is a problem on the Uhuru side and there is a problem on the Odinga side. It is not a one sided affair. The Govt has to be fair then the opposition will have no leg to stand on. It is what it is.

  9. Avatar natenate June 22nd, 2014 at 2:28 am

    Spot on! Raila was loud saying SGR was his idea and jubilee should not take credit. That guy is confused and losing his mind!


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