• Charles Webber

    Yes we do. Our leaders have become Monsanto spokespeople. Let the west feed its people with this GMO first before they come to tell us how good they are. All foods which contain GMO should have a clear label on them so that the people can choose whether they want it or not

  • Evelyn Jepkemei

    We do indeed have the luxury to say no because we have resources that if well utilized we can feed ourselves and others

  • alondasugar

    Kenya does not need GMOs or GM foods. Kenya needs leaders who care about our farmers enough to support them in transforming from old agricultural practices to using modern technologies in agriculture and agribusiness, increase productivity of our farms and improve access to markets. I wonder, why is our government so quick to push for GM foods and very slow to adopt modern irrigation technologies (like the Israeli Kibbutz) in the ASALs? There is no reason why Kenya should face food shortages in this day and age. Bottom line, Kenya today is the worst form of “Shamba La Wanyama”. Inequality and injustice abounds. The only people who stand to benefit from the introduction of GMOs and GM foods are, as you so well put it, the well-fed political and media classes, like yourself!

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