• Guest

    Oh, so these are the consequences you were telling us about? You took him to the US to train him on how to make a “Kenyan Spring”, tried to cover-up the political hand in Mpeketoni coz it was within his script to blame it on the Al-Shabab and now you want to lecture us on how to “Listen” to someone edging on becoming a lunatic? May be we can if only you could start by creating a lunatic in MacCain and then lecture Obama on how to “listen” to him. What say you?

  • Gathii

    Why don’t you first start by listening to Putin, or this compromise thing does not apply to the US?

  • Natty Dread

    It is hard to believe the words of an envoy whose government spies on allies, including the kitchen conversations of Angela Merkel.

  • jfundie

    Kibaki was talked by Bush to go into somalia, During such a summit. So what does Obama want now? The oil?

  • Mkenya

    compromise on what. elections are finished it is time to work. If RAO is idle, let him go back to US for more training. US policies under Obama are seen all over Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. We will not allow Kenya to go to the dogs, never!! BTW has the US signed the ICC Treaty yet? DO let us know Mr. Ambassador as your experts track my email to ascertain my identity!

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