Is marriage a mistake?

(THITU KARIBA) When we take time to gather data, what we are really doing is evaluating and eliminating the risks before we invest. We want to know if there are any risks, what they are, how they can be dealt with, if you can deal with them and when, if at all, would be the best time to invest or pull out. As was said, gathering data takes time and depending on how big an investment you want to make, the time taken and the data gathered will differ. I really do not see the point of entering into courtship with a man or woman you would never marry.  I know they say practice makes perfect but when it comes to relationships, bad ones don’t make us better but bitter.

When a man finds the one, the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, it is important for him to put in the work to ensure that he really can spend the rest of his life with her and that murder will not do them apart. A marriage is to be enjoyed not endured, in a marriage one should be praying to keep death at bay and not praying that death would come sooner than later so they can be free.  George Jessie said that marriage is a mistake every man should make. I say that marriage is not a mistake but who you marry could very well be. Harry Fosdick said that it is not marriage that fails but people. All marriage does is show up. Marriage is a state, a place and the sate of a place can differ depending on who is dwelling in it.

Marriage is of God. The original marriage between a man and a woman. That was Gods idea because for one, he saw it was not good for man to be alone and that man needed help. So a woman is a man’s companion and helper.  If you are in a marriage and you are alone or would rather be alone, there is a problem. If you are married and it seems the best way your spouse could help is to leave you, there is a problem. Marriages do work, I have seen it but it cannot work itself, the residences are the ones to put in the work to make it a good or a bad place to be. A proposal is a question, one has the choice to say yes or no. I always say that just because he asks does not mean you have to say yes.

Once again, who we marry could make the difference between a happy marriage and a sad one. We must take the time needed to gather data before marriage and once we are in it we must take the time and put in the effort required to make it work.  I believe marriage is like a child; you must nurture it, feed it, love it, protect it, value it and watch it grow into a wonderful thing that brings you great joy. Marriage is not a mistake but many mistakes are made in marriage, who we marry could very well be one, but how we operate while married is the other. The Bible is a great book that has all the secrets to a happy marriage if only we took the time before marriage, and during to gather data there, make a date with God and invest in the marriage. Marriage does not fail ladies and gentlemen, people do.

By Thitu Kariba

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