• Qwani

    This definitely puts things into perspective. Some politicians will use all manner of scare tactics that the country has no money just for their own selfish political gains. This article is indeed timely given that the budget will be read this week.

  • Lucas Kimanthi

    Quite informative; however, we could better!

  • DJV

    To put things in a nut shell , The local media was being economical with the truth , in order to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Kenya is not going bust, and the media should be careful about such headlines, as they induce panic in the environment. They should seek independent opinion and analysis on such matters before they publish such shitty articles!!.Shame on them!

  • Shujaa

    This is brilliant. The government of Uhuru Kenyatta should have poached this kind of talent instead of being surrounded by sycophants

  • Truth Arrives

    Me I don’t need the fancy economics. I just look at how life is for the average Kenyan. then I say only dreamers have reason to say “don’t worry”.

  • raych

    Asante kwa kuchambua maswala jinsi hii.

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