Be the stunner with a “Hattitude”

If you still think that hats are only worn on bad hair days, then you couldn’t be more wrong! There’s a variety of hats and for different purposes.

There are wedding hats, straw hats, News boy hats, slouchy berets, French berets, trilby hats, fedora hats, cowboy hats, eskimo hats, helmets…point is there are so many different types of hats.

Hats are worn for various reasons, all the reasons being left up to the hat wearer. Whether  your hat helps you get your swag on, adds final touches to your outfit to complete your look, hides your balding head, or protects your hair from wind or dust it is wholly up to you.

One trick to wearing a hat is that you have to be a hat person. There are some peoplewho just cannot rock the hat look. Hence you have got to have what I call a “hattitude”. Also remember that, there are hats that will look good on some people and horrible on others.

Hats are easy to wear though and can be worn in both hot and cold weather.

Stylish hats 101

The fedora hat

Anytime I see a fedora I think ne yo. He has a fedora hattitude.

A fedora is a hat that is creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched in the front on both sides.

The trilby hat

It looks just like the fedora only it is distinguished by its narrow brim which is sharply turned up in the back and has a short crown, which is pinched in the front and indented into a teardrop shape in the center.

Slouchy knit hat

Suitable for cold weather and to give you a chic look.

Benefits of having the right “hattitude”

*Hats are a summer essential hence they help keep sunburn at bay. That is besides the other reasons mentioned earlier.

*Hats are a saviour. They come in handy during those dreaded bad hair days.

*They help hide scars on your forehead or simply just help hide a large forehead

*They give you  that dressed down chic look (depending on the look you are going for)

*Can also help you hide your identity and finally, they definitely help you hold your wig in place (that is if you are a wig junkie).

I leave you with pics of Celebs who love their “hattitude”

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