• Nyakwaragakhan

    This is a misguided opinion in deed. Corruption and tribalism have collectively contributed to the ills that eats the country now. May you advise the president that the 562000 sqmiles has practically been ignored by the presidency. CORD or whoever the opposition is has not appointed the security heads from just one ethnic group hence compromising intelligence. During the Moi regime, it never mattered who was the head of the police or the army, and the intelligent network was very spruced up. The govt is paying a corruption syndicate huge sums of money without any service delivered, you still see the gaps missing at the opposition. Advise the president to stop undermining the devolution and restructure the provincial administration, instead of empowering them like before.

    • james


  • Benson Kilonzo

    i bet you must have been paid to churn out this long and boring piece of incomprehensible none sense. it has not worked, if you must know. and this Jubilee still perpetuates tribalism among other ills currently plaguing the country.

    • Msema

      Mr. Ng’eno does not need to be paid to write this, he is working at the office of the president, that means it is his responsibility to communicate the president’s intentions.
      I agree with you that tribalism is a problem in this country and has penetrated into all of us as demonstrated a forthnight ago by one of our national leaders utterance-Kalonzo Musyoka. But that does not justify the use of it (tribalism) as an excuse to condone evil or to distort the truth. In other words, the point Mr. Ng’eno is putting across, needs to be read without bias.
      It is true that we have county governments with their clearly laid-down mandate, and it is also true that we have the national government with its mandate as well.Any of these governments have a responsibility to deliver services to the common mwananchi. For the county governments, the governor needs the help of the county administrator in order for him/her to be effective, the president on the other needs the help of the county commissioner for him to be effective.
      Any other argument that suggests that the national government is undermining devolution is actually a fallacy that is being advocated in the hope of creating animosity between the national government and the mwananchi.
      Having said this, I also want to call on the president and those in government to be conscious of the fact that Kenya belongs to all of us and no one should feel discriminated against based on their tribe, religion, race or creed. In otherwords, all appointments, utterances, compliments and crticisms should be free from tribalism if we have to move this great country forward.

  • james

    Keep up Eric, this opposition is useless, colourless and clueless. It own senators are the architec behind Anglo leasing, its leaders talk about democracy but they are unable to hold basic elections for leaders since they are happy to serve as unelected dictators with the support of goons or men in black, these are the mediocres that will call a press conference to discuss jubilee performance and start profiling journalist on the basis of their tribes.
    Call it the thearter of the absurd, mediocres, jokers, court jesters

  • George

    Come to reason, Jubilee’s hunchmen never fail in proclaiming medieval reasoning. I supported CORD in condemning the various security initiatives. This government’s misplaced initiatives are just like rocking chair. They’ll keep the country busy but take us nowhere. Is Kenya doomed?

  • Bernard K

    The coherence of this opinion predicated as it is sound on jurisprudence is a testament to the existence of a “thinking core” at the heart of the government. The opposition has a right to criticize and cry wolf but it is for the administration to stay the course and react to its opponents with pieces such as this one! Mistakes in the course of governance are bound to be made but that is not an excuse to cede ground to the opposition.

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