Vernacular music gets full recognition finally!

Yesterday saw the launch of the first ever Victoria Music Awards. A music awards outfit that will focus on awarding Vernacular musicians. This has been made so by the fact that from the shores of the Indian Ocean to the shores of Lake Victoria, one thing that cements culture is music with each community and region having a distinct style.

Vernacular music has kept the Kenyan entertainment industry alive for close to one century, with genres such as Benga, Mugithi, Taarab and Ohangla just to mention a few being amongst the most successful in terms of lyrical content of the songs, earnings generated from album sales and live performances. Success of artistes such as Mike Rua, Ken wa Maria, Susan Owiyo, Micah Maritim, Tony Nyadundo, Princess Jully, De Mathew and Sukuma bin Ongaro …is enough evidence of the massive potential of vernacular music. However despite this, vernacular artistes have been ignored by the major corporate events in the country.

The Victoria Music Awards will annually bring together the cream of Kenya’s entertainment industry to celebrate the first ever vernacular/native African music awards in the continent and show the world the best of African culture and musical talent.

Organized by Victoria Awards Limited which is a legally registered company in Kenya Victoria Music Awards’ long term goal is to transform vernacular music to international standards to effectively compete with other awards in the African continent.

The name Victoria Awards is derived from Lake Victoria, the water body that unifies the three East African states. Success of the awards in Kenya will see it grow into Uganda, Tanzania and the entire African continent therefore giving it the ultimate African appeal as the name suggests.

The Victoria Awards is open to all vernacular artistes from all the Kenyan communities.

Victoria Music Awards provides the best marketing opportunity for corporate institutions wishing to penetrate the East African market. With various, Victoria Music Awards tour events: artist performances, meet and greet sessions scheduled across the major towns and cities in the country including Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisii, Nyeri, Kisumu, Machakos and Eldoret accompanied by pre-event road shows and market center storms, there is no better marketing opportunity for the corporate institutions in the region.

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