Bring out the animal instinct in you

Animal prints are a main feature in fashionistas wardrobes of late but there’s just one trick to rocking this natural print…keeping it simple! Animal printed items are a stunning fashion accessory therefore you want to wear them to look stunning so don’t go over the top like the Jerseylicious girls.

Animal print can be anything from the cat family (which of course include cheetah, leopard etc) the zebra, snake and even giraffe but mostly when you speak of animal print in fashion leopard, cheetah and zebra come to mind.

Animal prints were invented to add class to outfits but remember that you may only wear one animal print at a time as you want the print to add just a little chic mystery to you. This is because you don’t want to look like the said animal threw up all over you.

Killer heels, super fab flats, ankle boots, scarves, belts, tops, dresses, hats, handbags…you can find all these in animal print to accessorize your outfit. Keeping it mild will give you that quality opulent look as animal prints spell rich!

Just an animal print scarf can do wonders. This is a clear example of what little things can help you achieve. A scarf can help spruce up just a simple jeans and t-shirt/vest combo.

Zebra prints require you to be in an all white ensemble. Try pairing your white pant suit with a black top and zebra print scarf or maybe a zebra print handbag and you will have nailed the elegant official wear no doubt!

Revive your dull outfit with some leopard/cheetah. When you want to liven up a dull look the Leopard/cheetah print will do it for you. With your black outfit, throw on a leopard/cheetah print scarf or wear those killer leopard print heels and you will be candy to everyone’s eyes. If you are in the habit of hiding yourself in black then investing in some animal print accessories (belt, purse…) will help bring you out.

With these animal prints, you will certainly look like you have the fashion world at the palm of your hands. Keep your animal print dress simple. Pair your dress with maybe black killer heels.

Animal print shoes are slowly following in the trend of black shoes in becoming timeless. It is only up to you to choose the exact print that you like because there are prints that are just too much which instead of giving you the chic look, they make you look super tacky.

Some animal print looks can also break your look and earn you major “stink eye” especially in Nairobi. Check out the below looks these require brevity and a thick soul. Doesn’t Tyra look super busy in that outfit?

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