You need lotsa courage to Love

I always wonder why people wait for so long to do something. Just the other day, I was watching a movie. It was about this girl who’s always had a crush on a certain guy and never got the guts to tell him and soon after she introduced him to the best friend as ‘just a friend’ and they eventually kicked it off to a point of marriage. She obviously missed out on an awesome relationship. That sounds like your typical Hollywood movie but I was quite keen. All through I kept asking myself, do we normally hide our feelings that much to a point we miss out on really huge and beautiful things in our lives?

Case in point will obviously be our relationships. Are you with someone because you like them or is it because you love them? Don’t be so fast to answer. Think first. If your answer is love– get the hell outta here-you’re sorted, if its like– pull a chair-we definitely need to talk. What leads you to settle for that someone whom you don’t really love? Is it because you think they’ll grow into you? Are you lonely? Is it because you had no other choice? Or is it because you’re putting up with them because you don’t have the guts to tell the real person that you love them?

In an attempt to discover where we lie with someone in terms of our feelings, we will normally try to hide our emotions from them in hopes that they will not pick up any hints. In the long run they will get off our tracks yes, but have we done more damage than help to the situation? It’s like buying time when in essence you have lots of it. Its what we call ‘living in denial’. You block all feelings because you are afraid to expose your heart and get hurt- by the one you love of course. Then you go trotting off into the sunset with someone you don’t really like because your emotions are safe and you don’t want to strap yourself down. I call that living a lie.

Life is too short to waste your precious moments on other things. You know what I normally say? Screw your emotions and screw everybody else! If you love someone enough-let him or her know before it’s too late. This might even be your ex-yeah I said it! Some exe’s are worth walking the plank where at the bottom will be a pool of hungry sharks waiting to devour them. But some might be a product of a bad break up based on bad decisions-you let go too quick before you could both discover your potentials. So yeah, it’s kinda crazy, but if your feelings tell you otherwise, then you better listen to them. Find that person, sit them down and sort things out.

As for you who are busy chasing waterfalls, yes you. Do you realize how much precious time you are wasting on silly relationships, just because you don’t have the guts to do the right thing? You only get one chance in love, and if you waste it then that’s it. Stop living a lie, stop living in denial and get you self what you deserve- happiness! As for the ‘sissies’, the genuinely afraid and timid people-slap yourself. You are a disservice to mankind. Courage comes from within and knowing that you deserve the best in life, so thinking otherwise is just plain wrong. If you love someone enough to even dream that you belong together then you have your answer, what the hell are you waiting for?


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