Sony, Panasonic, Samsung in 3D deal


August 9, 2011 (AFP) – Japan’s Sony and Panasonic and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics said on Tuesday that they would jointly develop new standards for glasses used to watch 3D images on television, computer and movie screens.

The three Asian consumer electronics giants, working with European technology firm X6D Limited, said their collaboration will cover a technology called “3D active glasses”, according to their joint statement.

The universal glasses — which can be used on TVs from all three firms — will go on sale in 2012 and will be compatible with 3D sets being released this year, the companies said.

“Today’s announcement marks a unique collaboration of the world’s leading 3D TV manufacturers and 3D technology providers for the benefit of consumers,” they said, expressing hope the move would promote 3D technology.


  • Eaton111

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  • Nelly

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