Pizza Inn’s new obsession: Pizza Pie

August 8, 2011 – August marks the month that Pizza Inn debuts a new tasty and extremely affordable pizza hybrid – Pizza Pie.

Similar to a calzone or an Italian cuddiruni, a Pizza Pie is like the American microvable pizza pocket but way better with its fresh and generous amounts of pizza toppings, and of course the special Pizza Inn pizza sauce.


Health benefits?

Pizzas generally contain a bit of all the food groups; so there is potential for pizzas to be healthy.  It really depends on how you make it and the portion size that you’re consuming.

Some healthy ingredients to keep in mind include:

1)      Pizza sauce which is usually a tomato sauce is an excellent source of antioxidants

2)      Cheese is a great source of calcium

3)      Choose lean meat toppings like chicken or go vegetarian

4)      Load the pizza with tasty vegetables like mushrooms, green peppers, spinach etc.


Pizza vs. Pizza Pie

To be honest, I like them equally well, however the folded-over Pizza Pie does have something more than the conventional pizzas – the cheese stays deliciously gooey longer.

Since the Pizza Pie is basically a pizza folded over into a crescent shape and its edges sealed, the stuffing which includes mozzarella cheese will stay hot for a longer period of time, resulting in a mouth-watering stringy bite every time.

Good news is with the new Pizza Pie, Pizza Inn has still maintained it’s signature dough, which is not too greasy, meaning less calories.

Whether it’s a pizza or the new Pizza Pie, with the numerous toppings and stuffing one can choose and not to mention the health benefits, pizzas and their hybrids will still be everyone’s obsession.


Do you know where the Pizza Pie comes from?

Pizza Pie PhotoBlog: Photo Credits Susan Wong © All rights reserved.

Chilled pizza dough is prepped to be made into the perfect Pizza Inn dough…


Every family should have one of these presses!


Presto!  Perfectly rolled out pizza dough every time!


Carefully stretch the dough..


MmmmMMmmm…spread the special Pizza Inn pizza sauce…


Add the fresh toppings….weighed to perfection so every Pizza Pie is exactly the same, no favourites!


Looking good…


Fold over the pizza dough and seal the edges…


After a coat of egg-wash, into the oven for about 7 minutes.  Every pizza and Pizza Pie is made fresh on order.


Voila! Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside!



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