iPads replace restaurant menus

August 8, 2011 – Say goodbye to wrinkled and ketchup covered menus!  Just in case you missed it on CNN, an Atlanta restaurant is revolutionizing the ordering process through iPads.

Christian and Nacash Ruffin has replaced the conventional printed menu at their swanky Atlanta restaurant with iPads.

You can order your meal as you go along and everything happens real time.  Your order and it’s specifications are sent to the kitchen directly without waiting for anyone.

Inspired by the annoyance of trying to get a waiter’s attention, the owners hope substituting menus with an iPad will reduce such inconveniences.

“You put in your order into the iPad and you get it exactly the way you want,” says an elated guest.

The iPad software, written specifically for the restaurant, also posts advertisements and pushes menu specials.

When guests are ready to leave, they type in their valet ticket number and the valet attendant retrieves their car without any delay.

The iPads are also equipped with a sensor to prevent any thefts of the tech toy just in case a guest forgets to put down the iPad!



Source: CNN


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